Is it good for horses to eat corn husks?

Horses love them, as well as other green kitchen scraps as well (salad, watermelon rind etc). Some horses have sensitive stomachs, but most are fine with these. I give my horses whole corn stalks to play with in the fall, they run around and play tag with them. My grandmother's horse foundered eating too much green corn so do not feed way too much at once, but in small amounts it is a real treat. Try giving them a fresh ear of corn, watching them eat it is so hilarious!
It isn't bad for them! Some love them, some won't touch them. But like any fresh picked or cut grass, fruit or veggie, use moderation.
i wouldn't give my horses husks because i think they would taste gross to them. i mean, would you eat them?
My horses absolutely love them. They even eat the hard part at the end of the corn cob. I don't feed them the cob itself, but the husks and everything about them, even the stringy stuff. They adore it. And besides, they eat corn in their grain, they can eat cracked corn, corn oil, corn syrup..
I do have one horse that doesn't quite eat them, rather picks at them, then again he doesn't even eat apples. ;)
But they love corn husks. It doesn't cause any troubles, but you do need to make sure your horses aren't allergic to corn -as some horses are! You wouldn't want them having an allergic reaction. Of course, ifyou don't know if he's allergic or not, the only way to find out is the hard way...I suppose...
I don't feed my horses more than 2 husks per horse. The ponies only get 1 husk. These are per day (well, actually, per when ever I have husks. usually once a week in the summer).

Corn does create heat within a horse, because it takes a long time for it to be digested - which is why feeding corn or corn oil in the winter is a little extra way to help make sure the horse doesn't lose weight.

The short answer to your question: yes -it's a yummy treat.
Mine love them!! I also buy extra for them.
it isn't bad for them, if that's you mean. it's a healthy treat for them. some horses love them and others don't care much for them.
no but watermelon husk is better.
Its not at all bad for them we feed them to our horses every summer peolpe we know take off the corn. So we feed them to our horses and they ove them.

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