Why do my horses stand in the rain?

my horses have got 3 separate shelters to get in if it rains,snows whatever and 1 of them is nicer than my house...so why do they stand in the rain?
Horses like showers too!

Bugs don't fly around in the rain.and a nice hard rain itches all of those hard-to-itch spots!

If it bothered them they'd head to the house :-)
cause they're comfortable probably...their sensors are different and it doesn't mean that if you rush to go inside when it rains that you should expect them to react the same way... they don't know the stable is nice and that you'd want them to go in it
Sometimes, they dont even realize it is raining. They dont care. They have survived in the rain and snow for thousands of years do why change now? I would suggest a rain coat though so they don't get rain rot.
You forget horses never had barns or shelters in the beginning,The domestic horse haven't evolved away from their natural instincts.
My mare is like that too.. She's actually a little jittery to be locked in a stall when it's raining. Maybe it's just because it's different. Not sure, but most of them just seem to be more comfortable out in the rain. Especially if it's lightening - Then most really dont prefer to be indoors, not sure why. Also - If your shelter roofing is tin it may be the noise, they might not like the sound of the rain coming down on it, some of our horses are like that. Sorry I couldn't be of more help - I did give my input on your flyspray question though. =]
I have some that do that as well, where as the others head for cover. It seems to be an individual thing. It may be that they do not like the sound of the rain on the roof. I have a mare that I have to use a waterproof lightweight blanket on because that little brat will stand right under the water running off the loafing shed and if I don't she will get rain scald grrr. All you can do is provide the shelter and give them access to it. If you have a problem horse like my stinker you can either lock them in the shelter or get them a water proof blanket that is suitable for the temp or just let them stand foolishly in the rain.
cause their dumb
thats funny i think a horse in the rain is just like a human in the shower at least you dont have to give them a bath
They stand in the rain because they prefur to be out in the open instead of being in an inclosed area where they can't see whats going on outside. Like, if they won't stand in the barn then they probably feel more safer outside where they can see whats happening. Because, you know, thunder, lightning, hail, stuff like that. They don't know what it is and they don't want to stand in a place where it is loud and scary. They'd rather see it for them selves.
Okay? lol
Do ya kinda get what I'm sayin?

I take care of three miniature horses and they do the same thing. They will even get down and roll when it rains from time to time. I've seen them spunk up and run across our pasture many times when wind and rain are combined. I do not believe that they get cold like we do though, as I've found their hair to often be wet only on the outer surface when I've brushed them in the mornings.

because instinct is telling them to stand out in the open where they won't be cornered during a storm and they can see all that is happening.
its like a shower for them and especially on hot days that it rains it cools them, hard rain scratch hard to reach places and there very smart animals once there wet they can roll in the dirt or mud and be ready for the flies and heat flies dont bite through thick mud.
They stand in the rain because it refreshes them like say you havent took a shower for 1 week wouldnt it feel good to stand in the rain and also it cools them downa dn take all of the flys away from the also horses and ponies love to be out side very much!!!
Because it feels nice to them,like a massage.I like to stand out in the rain in a t-shirt and shorts.And then they feel cleaner and are cleaner.
Probably because they like it. Thats also how they take showers
I've got the same situation, and I've come to the conclusion it is TO ANNOY US AND MAKE US FEEL GUILTY.

It's the same as when they are laying flat in the sun, perfectly still as you scream their name until you frantically run out to them in the pasture. (They DO hear you, you know. If they can hear the bit jingle in the barn and know I want to go riding, then surely they must hear my frantic screaming).
Horses are naturally wild creatures. If they want, or feel the need, they will seek shelter.

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