What treats do horses like?

i know like surgar cubes apples carrot. i am out of those so i need something else that i might have in my house
you can buy treats like Apple Wafers or Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies. my horses like these store bought treats but there favorite is a juicy watermelon rind right after I finished eating it.
Belgian chocolate, tiramisu.
sugar cubes
Mine also enjoy cheerios. You might try any oat based cereal though.
they really like carrots and apples. And i think there fav of all times would be sugar cubes. the best treat you could give a horse. but not to many make there tummy upset
my horses like Dumor apple and carrot treats. a whole bag is gone in a week with my guys lol.
Mint candy especially "Polo".
Horses like carrots, slices of bread, peppermints (take the wrapper off first!), fruits like cantaloupe, bananas, grapes, peaches; granola bars (don't feed large quantities of these, that can cause problems), chocolate candy (never give chocolate to a horse that has to be drug-tested, because the test will be positive for caffeine, which is a forbidden substance).

Many horses also like beer, but I suspect you are under age so I'm not going to recommend that you bring beer to a horse. My horse's mother liked Coca-Cola and learned how to drink it out of a can. No, I am not joking or making that up-- the mare would take the Coke can into her mouth, then lift her head up until the Coke ran out into her mouth. She could swill down a whole can this way!

If you can't find anything else, horses that don't have the chance to graze love to get handfuls of fresh grass that you pick for them, just make sure the grass hasn't been treated with anything.


Gotta add something about the peaches 'cause it brings back pleasant memories. One of the trails I used to ride my horse on passed by a fenced yard with a big peach tree right by the fence. When the peaches got ripe, I'd ride my horse up to the tree and pick a peach for me and a peach for my horse (we'd asked permission of the homeowner and she said anything we could reach was ours to keep, just don't break the branches). My horse would wait until I picked that second peach and then turn his head around so I could give it to him. It wasn't officially summer until the peaches were ripe. That's a really good memory.
They like the peppermint candies, carrot sticks, apples, and of course, sugar cubes. You can also give them cereal treats too.
animal cookies, watermolen, apples, anything he can get to.
My guy likes gummy worms!! (In small quantities.)
My little yearling absolutely LOVESSSS apple nuggets.

I mean.like no other. Also she kind of liked peanutbutter coverd apples..hmm you might want to try oatmeal rasin granola bars or even cookies...
or grain-ie cereal like miniwheats or whateva
my cushings pony cant have typical high sugar treats so the vet suggested rice cakes- he loves them!(especially apple cinnamon)
I sometimes feed mine tortilla chips or wheat thins. They love the salt and crunch. Never too much though of course but if you have something salty they will like it. Cereal is always a good route too!

My TB drinks beer! My husband left a bottle of New Castle out on the fence and the TB started licking it, then knocked it over and slurped it up! I wouldn't reccommend this but they seem to like it!
sweet feed
cinomon sticks
they love hay and grass
Horses like pretty much anything that you enjoy: cereal, fruits and vegetables, bread, cookies, popcorn, etc. They especially like peppermints, but go easy on sweets! You'd be surprised- my horse even eats cantaloupe, bananas (with the peel on) and watermelon rinds!

You can feed them the parts of fruits and vegetables that you don't use, like the ends of cucumbers, the white crunchy part of lettuce, strawberry tops, etc.

Good Luck and God Bless!
Well, mine likes pretty much anything...hot dogs, hamburgers, elephant ear pastries, milkshakes, doughnuts, marshmallows, etc. (Most of these were discovered by accident). The only thing he doesn't like is boiled eggs. I'm beginning to think my horse is really a goat in disguise, lol.
alfalfa cubes!
It really depends on the horse. I've heard of horses that LOVE skittles in considerable amounts and some love starbursts haha. But I'll give you a list of *normal*things and then you can expirament for yourself! Just be careful to feed unnatural things in small amounts- they have different digestive tracts then us and could colic very easily.

Sugar Cubes
Granola Bars
Well Im not sure if anyone said this but licourice, they love it. That was what I use to give my horses for a treat. Even molasses, they will love you for that. One of my horse loves pears, he'll eat them before he would eat apples. They do love chocolate as well. I use to feed my horses when I was younger ( well I would share), my easter eggs, they loved that and would be trying to take it out of my pocket.
Peppermints. My mares go crazy when the hear me unwrapping them! Crinkle crinkle = NEIGH!! Candy canes also work, but they need to be broken into pieces, small pieces.
My moms horse Scarlet once stole a pop tart out of my moms back pocket and seemed to enjoy it because she ate the whole thing. Horses like grain or something covered in molasses also.
watermelon(in small quanities)
my old pony LOVED root beer barrel candies and wouldn't take anything else lol
chocolate(in small quanities lso don't feed chocolate to a horse that needs a drug test because it will show-caffine-)
hard candies like life savers,creme savers etc.
My horses LOVE anything with molasses in it =]
you can easily make treats also.
I don't know what you have so go to google and look up homeade horse cookies.
Our horses love the husks off of corn on the cob...they come running when they know we have this treat for them...
apples and carrots.. mmmmm.t

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