Color of bow on horse's tail?

I know that red means the horse is a kicker. But are there other colors too? I thought I heard that there were. I'm going trail riding and I guess it's a place where a lot of people go on horse back. I just want to make sure both my mare and myself are safe.

If anyone could tell me what the colors are and what they mean, that would be great.
red (some people use orange or yellow but that's not the convention from hunting) means they may kick

green means just that, you've got a green horse and the rider is not sure how they will react!
hey there is only one color that is red people say there is more but there isn't have a good time on ur trail ride
I've shown and worked with groups for years, and as far as I know, the only color bow that means anything official is a red bow for a kicker.
But in my opinion, treat every horse as a potential kicker and keep at least a horse's distance from their heels! When stressed, overtired and over stimulated, even the quietest, well broke horses can become defensive and kick when they normally wouldn't think of it. So be very careful with a groups of horses, especially if you don't know the horse and riders. Often young riders, or new and inexperienced riders are the least likely to be able to "read" their horses, and it will be up to you to determine of their horses are going to be safe around yours, or not.
Good luck and have fun.
If its any other color your looking at a show draft horses butt :)

Like the others stated, red is the only one out there to worry about and its great you knew that already.

Have a good time on your trailride!
The red ribbon, in a horses tail, originally came about to warn others on the hunting field that a horse was a known kicker.
Young or inexperienced horses usually have a green ribbon in their tail on the hunting field. This is to warn other riders that they should 'expect the unexpected' when following such a horse.
In the UK, when show jumping at affiliated level, stallions are required to wear bridle discs and white tail ribbons, so that others may give them more room in the warm up area to avoid confrontations between horses.
When hacking out, or trail riding, it is unusual to see a rider on a horse with any ribbon in it's tail, but good on you for considering others and ensuring you and your horses safety...
Red is for kickers. (Although if you see someone with a different-colored bow, ask- it might be a kicker, and the rider just didn't have any red ribbon.)
Red is of course for kickers, but I have also seen people use a yellow ribbone for "caution" - potential kicker, and on trails, I have also seen people use green and blue - I can't remember off hand what those ribbons were for, I think one was the horse didn't like to be passed or something, and another meant it was afraid of cars...something to that effect. That might have been just things our barn did, though - maybe not a usual 'accepted color.'
i definatly kno reds kicking, but im not sure about other colors>>>IF there are other colors
however any horse i would see with a big huge not red bow
1 you could shout out and ask what it means, or 2 you could sidle up along that horse and see what hapens!!
Officially, there are no other colors, but some people use green ribbons for green horses. I can't think of any other ones, though.
if there is a ribbon on a tail I am staying clear. any color where I come from is a kicker. maybe they were trying to color coordinate.
No Sorry , there is only one. :(. But have a FAB time on your trail ride!
Red is for a kicker and green is for a youngster
Red means kicker. People put other ribbons because "it looks pretty" or because they are showing certain breeds (such as a draft)

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