Are miniature horses good pets and are they all mean?

i have plenty of space and already own two large ponies is it ok to put a mini horse with horses? and i have herd that they can be mean are they?and if i decide to buy one what web sites could i go to look for one?
I agree with Barbara S. Any horse of any size becomes mean because of how it is treated. Many minis get the stigma of "mean devil ponies" because people coddle them since their cute, and then they get away with murder. They CAN also get defensive in a herd or larger horses as they are small and some times are bullied and feel inferior b/c of their size. Others have no idea they are small and will dominate your entire herd. They are perfectly suited companions to large horses and make great pets. But they do need trained and disciplined like all pets (you would not let your dog potty in the house, or the cat ruin the furniture), so the mini horse should not be allowed to bite, push people or get away with misbehaving because he's cute. If you train your mini and treat him like a horse should be treated, (loved like a pet, and respected like a barnyard animal) then you should have no problems. You can try and to search for minis, I have a colt for sale and also advertise my stallion there and I get lots of calls, so you are bound to find something there. Good Luck.
I dunno, i see some horrid minis that are just nasty as all get out and then some very well trained , well mannered ones that are priceless.

Personally i think training is 100% of it, i think any horse can be as good as all the others.
these ponies only get mean because of people and most likely get aggressive out of fear. My nephews have one and it never does anything that even suggests it is tempermental!
and I think it is very ok to put ponies with larger horses. we do it all the time. just make sure that they get very use to each other especially if the larger ones have never seen a pony (some think of them as strange and my horse use to be scared of them, lol) as far as looking for one I would google it.
I agree with MuleReiner here I think any breed can be nasty as all get out if not handled and trained properlly. Training is key for sure with minis. As to putting them with the other horses, yes I believe its fine. Like adding any horse to a herd there may be some adjusting and watching them closely for the first week or so. I have never owned a miniature but have friends who graze their minis in with the rest without an issue. Finally if you choose to search online all I can say is make sure you physically visit the horse of interest as well as its sire and dam if possible. And get a vet exame before purchase as well. Id start at the American Mini Horse ***. you can find them here:
They should have some breeders and websites listed.

Hope that helps! Good luck in your search!
The only reason that the mini's I've known were mean in any way was because their owners let them get away with murder. People tend to look at how little and fuzzy and cute they are and forget that they're still horses and need to be treated as such. The cutest little mini stallion used to live down the street from my barn, he was very friendly and sweet but had a biting problem because his owner was too afraid to discipline him. If you get a stallion, remember that he's still going to be acting the same as any other stallion, and if you're not planning on breeding you should geld him.

So as long as you're able to be tough with them and don't get one that's been handled wrong by someone else, you'll find that a mini can be a great companion for you and your ponies.
Mini horses are cute and very wanted as pet because they are not much bigger than a dog. They can have thier advantages and disadvantages. No not all minis are mean they can be very good horses and treat you just as well as a full size horse. I have come to find most all minis are not mean they are just very mischevious, they are also very hard to keep behind a fence too because the are sneaky they can get out nad back in before you figure out where they got out to begin with... But NO they are not all mean it has everything to do with the amount of love and training you give them. Always remember a horse doesn't care how much you know, until he knows how much you care...
All that needs to be answered has been answered. You just have to learn about the horse's temperament. I have a friend with a mini that hates other animals. Another person I know has a pet mini and brings it to shows with normal horses.
miniature ponies can be fiesty but not particularly mean. they have what can only be called 'little man syndrome' which measn that they act tougher and snippier because they are smaller. mini's have big personalities and can try to bully other horses and ponies but they don't get away with it. usually the bigger animal gives them a warning nip and they back down. thats what i have seen in my experience. if you handle them correctly they are sweet and sincere. try this i put in the guidelines of USA and minature excluding sold ads and must have photo and these are the results i got. quite the wide range have a look:
it will take about 2 weeks for the bigger horses to get used to the mini, it took mine that long, and one of ours is sorta mean but he's blind
There is nice ones and mean ones just like in the bigger size.
Mini horse, ponies and horses same thing. Just the size is different.
If you breed to mean animals together. The next one can be meaner.
Had a real good quarter horse mare. People would come up to me and ask me to breed my mare to their stud. Some one had a applosa champion stud. That talked me into looking at him. When I went to were he was. I could not get to the stall. He was trying to get out to hurt me. Did not see the horse other then his teeth. And this was a champion. Told the guy he had to be kiding. My nice mare to that monster.
Knew some one that had a stud that try to breed the judge at a show. That night he lost his problem. Oh she is a real good trainer. Had her do some training for me. Plus have bought horses from her.
So it is not just training. Or how it is raise. Like people and other animals some thing is not right in the head.
Had a filly that no matter what I did she would almost hurt me all the time. Some one thought they could do better. Talk me out of her. And they could not either. Then we found out all this studs foals. Were like this. Oh last thing I heard he is still putting them on the ground. I would have made the a gelding.
There is a lot of studs out there like this one.
If you look at a 100 you will find the one for you.
Miniature Horses are exactly what the name states-horses in Miniature. Their temperaments, just like big horses, run the gamut from docile and loving to feisty or just outright aggressive.

As stated, people tend to coddle them because of their size. DO NOT make that mistake! They need to be treated and trained just like any other horse. They still have hard, sharp hooves and teeth, after all.

My Minis have lived with big horses for most of the time I've owned them with few incidents. You need to be sure your existing ponies will accept a horse that small. A kick that would normally bounce off the chest of a large pony or horse would catch a Mini in the head, which could be damaging, if not fatal. Use caution when introducing them.

Most horse classified sites will let you search by breed. You can also use Google to search for "Miniature Horse" and your state or county to find nearby breeders.

Minis can be a lot of fun and lend themselves to some unique activities: they are a blast to drive, and one of our Minis is working on becoming a therapy horse. We take him to visit a school for handicapped children occasionally, and he's even small enough to fit inside the classrooms without issue. He also goes to the pet store occasionally.
they are good pets but you can't ride them. you should use them for a companion. Most miniature ponies are kind they shouldn't be mean, maby there being mean because there scared or your being mean to them! They should be alright with other larger ponies but if your going to get one maby you should try getting two, here is a website which different breeds of horses and ponies can be sold :-
If you have any problems just get back to me.
Having a miniature horse as a pet can be a great idea. Many people will buy them to keep there horses or ponies company. Not all miniature horses are mean, like regular horses and ponies, every mini has a different additude. A good website to search for minis on is They will usually tell you the temperament of the horse and a little bit about them, such as things that they like and dislike. It will tell you the age of the horse, where it is currently located and how much the current owner is selling it for and if they are willing to do a trade.
Mini horses can tend to be nasty, but there are many nice and decant ones.
Well i have had 6 minis and i have only had one bad apple, and it was a stallion. unfortunatly for money i only have one left and she is the best. She is a great little horse and i would never give her up. she can be a little more moody then my horse but she is still wonderful.
You can certainly put a mini with a pony or larger horse. They will interact just like any other horses. Just make sure the bigger animal isn't too agressive :)

And as far as mini's being mean-- I definetly would NOT say that all mini's mean. That being said, though - many,many,many,many,many,many,... minis bought as "pets" are treated like PETS. And this "dog-like" approach to mini horsemanship will create a mini that has attitude problems, including - lack of respect for handlers, farriers, veterinarians, fencing, other people/animals, biting, kicking, bucking, draggin people around, not cross tying, striking etc. you get the idea. It is the horsemanship that creates the horse .
Buy a mini and treat it like a horse, not like a dog, and it should be just fine. The problem is, since they are cute and tiny people let them get away with murder, and if that horse magically turned intoa 1000# animal overnight, those people would be moritified at the behaviuor of that animal.

I have found mini mares, in my experiences, to be worse than geldings.

I have a mini mare that I bought last year. She was 11 then. She was a pet. In fact, her name was "PRECIOUS". she was "handled" and "trained" by children, the oldest of which was 10 years old.. she is snotty, pushy, rude, disrepectful, bull headed, will rear at you and strike while walking towards you when lunging, she rears when driving, she kicks, she flips over backwards when the farrier does her feet, she bites, she is untrustworthy, she crawls under the larger horse to escape through the gate when you are trying to get the other one out, she is impossible to catch when she is loose, she will open feed bins and gate latches and arena & stall doors --- and she is worked with 4 days a week on her manners, and in the last 16 months, they've improved only slightly. I am trying to undo 11 years of poor training. It might take me 22 years to undo this damage!

Just treat the mini like a horse, a full size horse, and set the ground rule right away - and don't waiver. They are VERY smart, and will quickly learn what they can get away with --- and think of new ways to get you, too ;)
mini's may seem small and gentle, but they can be more fierce than horses. avoid using them for little children. if they are properly trained and cared for, they will be alright. i think they'll get along well
i THINK THEY'RE GOOD PETS. tHO i'D NEVER HAD 1 i'D BEEN AROUND THEM & THEY WERE ALL NICE. tHE only thing U'd consider is larger animals tend 2 B territorial.
I have had a mini for around 20 years I kept her so long cause I thought one day she can mow my lawn, she also had my initial on her forehead - God given. I got her when she was just 2 years old the owners got rid of her because she ate the center out of some bed sheets that were hanging. At least that was the story. Anyway she is full of personality she is very sweet when she wants to be. But she doesn't like kids that much and if the kids are small enough and your not looking she will position herself and just start backing up and start kicking the hell out of the little kid. One time it was my son, he got kicked in the eye and the gut. He was ok but it was scarry and I did have to go get him check out at the hospital. Mini's are smart and live a long time and I think they have a nepolion complex they make up for their size. I have had up to 13 horses in a pasture and she ran the show. Come feeding time I would whistle and she would call back and she would bring them all in. She is very cute but I ended up giving her to an older horse woman that is disabled now. She loves her and puts up with her crap. As far as the bad behavior. there is really no breaking her of her nastyness I have tried everything. Oh, and having her hooves trimed is a whole other story the fronts are ok but good luck with the back. If you have the space just get another horse to ride. Then you can take a friend.
They are great pets! And no they arent all mean there are a few that are questionable though..

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