1.9 acres for two or three horses?

I know generally it is one acre per horse, but I found a reliable little farm that is to say only 1.9 acres. There is the potential to buy the surrounding 15 acres or possibly rent it, but I don't similar to going on maybes.

I would only hold 2-3 horses tops, and there is a three stall barn and two pasture so I could rotate them.

Do you think this is method too small, or can it work??
Answers: I'd say it sounds possible. I own a friend who kept 4 on less than that.
You would entail to supplement feed and deal with the fields comparatively rigorously - I'm talking rotation, poo picking, weed, harrowing, rolling and fertilizing in some bearing or it's going to degrade in the blink of an eye. If you have greatly of rain you may entail to do something about gateways etc as they're going to bring back pretty churned up.
Obviously you are going to need to supplement the grass next to hay etc year round as well.
But yes, I'd vote it was do-able.
not big adequate

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