Pesky flies are all over my horses head, mostly his eyes?

is there anything besides a fly mask and liquid spray stuff to get them off. I tryed a fly mask but he rubbed it alot and made sores where he was rubbing. Thanks!
You can try using roll-on sprays, and SWAT on his ears, nose, and about an inch under his eyes...

You can also try Freedom spot-on, it's similar to Frontline, but combats flies and ticks. You have to apply it once every 2 weeks and it doesn't keep all the flies off but I see a marked increase in my own horse's comfort when I use it.

The best fly protection is prevention, however.

Here's a few ideas:

- Keep the manure piles as far from the barn and pastures as possible
- Scoop poop out of the stalls as often as possible - twice a day minimum if your horses are in most of the day
- Clean some poop out of the pastures about once a week
- If there is a standing pond or any such body of water on your property, keep it aerated

There are also "water pills" you can put in standing water which prevent gnats and mosquitoes from being able to breed there.

Good luck!

((P.S. Garlic and ACV are, in my experience, ineffectual... you might see the tinest percentage fewer flies on your horse, but probably only because you want to see that... the main result is that your horse smells bad. While I respect that people want to take herbal, less chemical routes, for fly prevention, I would advise you not to waste time or money on those sorts of things. The best way to put as little chemical on your horse as possible in fly prevention is to keep the flies from being able to breed on your farm in the first place.))
they have these sticks of fly repellent made by endure you could try that it's just like a tube that you rub on
"roll-on" fly great for my horse!
My niece crocheted a bonnet for her horse, it covered his ears and had a fringe. the fringe moves, keeping the flies off, and the horse looks really cute. You can even spray a bit of OFF on the bonnet, not on the horse, so you don't have to worry. she found the pattern on the Internet.
they make fly wipes ... kinda like what the pledge wipes do for wood, but fly wipes have fly spray instead of pledge. just rub it around his eyes. good protection for not getting fly spray in his eyes.
if you can't find the wipes, get a clean rag, spray some fly spray on it, and gently rub it around your horses eyes. hope this helps!
Put a little apple cyder vinegar in your horse's water or give your horse some garlic daily in his feed. They make garlic for dogs and horses in granule form to be mixed in their feed. Google it. Flies will not bother your horses then. Best wishes
You can get a fly fringe that doesn't have to be attached to a headcollar ( had the rubbing problem with mine too) it has soft elastic that goes behind the ears and under the chin.
Also you can buy a fly repellant collar ( but the only person I knew who tried one of those spent most of her time looking for it in the field as her horse took it off every night !)
You can put fly repellant on the fringe.
Add garlic powder and/or cider vinegar to his feed.
If you have self filling troughs put some fish in them - they will eat the gnat and mosquito larvae ( and algae while they're at it.)
There is some thing you can add to the feed that breaks the breeding cycle of flies in the horse poo as well, I don't know what it's called but I bet someone on here does.
I use swat clear for my girl it works great and has for years, also if sentive to chemicals can use vasalene. Works great on utters and ears as well either one. Both last a long time for one horse.
An antiseptic cream (like Neosporn) by the eyes will keep the flies from irratating the eyes more. I cannot think of much that will rid your horse of the flies all over the body other than the obvious solition of fly spray. Also, might I suggest that the fly mask was too small if it left such sores?

Good luck!
roll-on fly spray. just dont rub it by his eyes or mouth.

also you need to implement a fly control system. like putting up fly strips. moving things like manure far away from the barn. and stuff like that.

also- dont forget to change fly sprays every so often b/c the flys can develop a resistance to a certain kind.

flyyyyyyyy masks=<3. you can get them with padding on the side. and if you get them in the right size they shouldnt rub.
one of my horses have a fly mask that sits off of his face so its not touching. yep
Try using the Absorbine fly spray that is sweat proof. Rub it around his eyes and on his ears. This works for all of our horses. Also get fly pellets and put them around the edge of your boarn or pastur fence. This should help tremendously.
Roll on fly repelant usually works well. You should look in catalogs like State Line Tack, they usually have things that work well. Or read horsey magazines such as Horse Illustrated, or Young Rider. I don't know what is in those magazines right now, but they might have soemthing about flies. Hope I helped!
Put garlic in with the feed. This will deter most flies. You will still get some but not as many. Also try the fly predators. They kill the fly when they are still maggots. It won't help with the problem right away but will help in the long run.
there is theis great product meant for keeping flys out of wounds and sensitive areas. its called swat and its a fly repellent you can google it or get it at your neares equine store they will most likely have it. i use it on my 21 year old mare cause she itches her face because of flys so i rub a little around the eye area and the face and its also great on minor wounds because it doesnt harm the area you apply it.
if you can't use a fly mask, then put fly repellent on, spray on a cloth then wipe on all over face so that it doesn't get on eyes in in nose/ mouth.
if possible keep him in during the day and let him out at night when the flies are not as active
You can buy a roll on for the face and around eyes at your tack store or feed store.

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