How Much To Feed A Old Horse...?

How Much Dry C.O.B Should I Feed My 25 Year Old QH Mare?, Shes Retired And Gets A Big Bale Of Grass In Her Pen To Eat All She Wants, And She Gets..What Would You Call It A Brick A Flake?..Anyway A 10 Inch Thick Slab Of Alfalfa 2 Times A Day., How Much Dry Cob Should I Feed Her?
Answers: This is really a question not a soul can answer here on YA! I would give your vet a ring up. Feeding really depends on your horse.

Questions need to be asked-

1) How much diversion does your horse do?
2) How often does she graze or is agree to to pasture?
3) What is her body status- is she underweight, over weight, only just fine?
3)Would any ailments prevent her from keeping or gaining consignment?-- Have her teeth been floated properly, does she hold any blood disorder or founder?

While I encourage free choice hay- some horse's can simply not be given free choice because they are any easy keeper or do as some of my own horses do---sit the bale and won't leave even to gain a drink of water.

And even though Alfalfa is a great guardian legume- it's unwise to nurture out in roomy quantities to a horse that no longer perform or works. If you prefer alfalfa- add some cubes into her nurture regime or give a mixed alfalfa hay to her.
Always remember to nurture by weight and not volume. I other measure the weightiness of my horse's feed. This may steal longer, but feed settle's once the rucksack is opened. And by giving to much or too little this can disrupt your horses unharmed system and even cause feed aggression and other naughty behaviors.

Case surrounded by point- call your vet, maintain fresh water, mineral and brackish blocks available and make sure you are feed her the right way. Your vet will probably draw some blood to evaluate if any extra minerals are needed and that your deworming regime is working.
Well the ask is really about how your mare looks. Is she skinny? Or is she cooking oil? If she is looking good I wouldn't renovation anything. If she is fat I would cut put a bet on on the grain (not sure what cob is, I deliberate corn?) and perhaps provide her Timothy hay instead of alfalfa. If she is skinny I would think just about putting her on a senior pellet feed.

Good luck
I, intuitively, wouldn't feed any alfalfa and as long as she's maintain her weight I would make available very little or no C.O.B.
I would supply a mineral/vitamin/salt mix made for a grass diet that is feed free choice.

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