Hey yal...Horses?

OK hey my horses name is Lyndsay and i am dealing beside a very stubborn horse. She is prompt to slowing dwon and not moving forward. She pins her eras bak and swishes her tail madly when forward transitions r made especially going into the canter. She responds to seat nudge and scootching forward in the saddle. Yet i want her super duper for the 08 season. i involve some helpful hints and/or instructions to lend a hand me Lyndsay! I hope all of u can assist. ASAP
Answers: Can you afford to take riding module on her, with a obedient trainer? This might help you both, since it sounds similar to you need some assistance in knowing what to do beside her balking and bad attitude. The best guidance I can think of is to verbs pushing her through her bad travels, demanding her to move, until you get the desired result, next immediately reward her next to releasing all pressure and letting her rest a bit. Always ruin each session on a honest note. If you're struggling beside her and she won't give, work on something else for awhile. If she will accomplish small things you ask of her, after slowly work up to the larger things. A professional riding instructor or trainer could help you so much!
Check to see if its a physical root before anything else.
When you read out responds to movements in saddle, are they desperate movements like turnign to bite, or see, or just plain connote actions? Then mostlikely the saddle is hurting her

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