Bruised sole ? How long for recovery?

My horse is lame with a bruised sole on his off-fore. How long does recovery take. Its been two weeks already and he is still a bit pink.
Any advice gratefully received
You can used warm Animalintex poultices and they are very good for bruised soles. You could also have him shod and a pad put under the shoe and that can also provide relief. I would have expected it to be resolving by now. One of my hunters was always supposed to be getting bruised soles and he actually had deep seated corns - again shod him with pads.
those can take a while to recover from. you can try soaking his foot in apple cider vinegar and using something like boa boots on him if it is too painful for him.
It can take a few weeks to a month or two. It depends on how serious it is. Make sure it isn't a Sole Abscess that is forming. Foot soaks, bandaging, and sequential examinations, including x-rays on occasion, can help ease the pain, and determine what it is.
Yes the recovery depends on the horse and the bruise itself. The color however will not go away until the sole has grown out and worn away or been pared away by your farrier. Unlike people who reabsorb the old "bruise" the the bruise seen in a hoof has seeped into it and will not reabsorb and dissappear. Many bruises aren't seen until they are old and being trimmed, he probably got it fairly good to show up quickly and may take another week or two to be completely comfortable on it. Whenever he shows he's sound he's healed, you needn't wait for the color to be gone. Good luck
Consult with your farrier about this. He made recomend now shows and pads, or actually shoes with Gel pads to help thru the rest of his recovery process. Have had great results with those gel pads, I think there great! Another thing you may want to do is is pack the bottom of his hoof with Furacin, attach a diaper to it, use vet wrap to form it around the hoof and then apply duct tape to protect it from moisture and change the diaper every other day as needed. Some old methods to tuffing up a hoof is using turpentine or iodine. Just paint the bottom of his hoof with it but be sure not to apply to coronet band once a day! I prefer the iodine myself but have used turpentine also. Good luck try to get pads on him, may get you thru the bruise quicker as long as the pads don't apply unneeded pressure but you will know that immediately after shoeing him if hes uncomfortable and in a few days tops if he becomes less sound then you just take them back off. Good Luck, bruises can take awhile if left alone to heal on its own.
yikes...well it will be pink till the hoof grows out, but it can take up to 6 months to heal, depending on how early you cought, what would be really god is to by diapers, duct tape, and icthymoil. You pick out the hoof, pack it with icthmoil and wrap it in a diaper then wrap in duct tape, but not to tight.

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