Tacking up!!?

K well my horse is fine for getting his saddle on but consequently his bridle... well hes other trying to fidget around and move his herald about and verbs it and turn it while i am putting on his bridle. Then he likes to be in motion and sniff other horses in their stalls. its really annoying because i cant verbs his head away, he basically fights me pay for. How can I control him in a style that is sheltered for me and him??
Answers: I agree with the halter self around your horse's neck so that you can control him...If you own a short, sturdy step stool, you would be surprised how differently your horse would act when you are within a position to be able to manage up and between his ears and hold the top of the headstall with your right appendage while you put the bit in his mouth next to your left foot...now, think twice and not hit his teeth, if you have be, it could be one of the reasons that he is resisting self bridled. Make sure that you have your headstall on the same wavelength so that you have a couple of little wrinkles contained by the sides of his mouth, that way you know that the bit is resting where on earth it should be instead of hanging down and bothering him. After you succeed a time or two, it will find easier...but I would always use the stool, they other seem to know that if you are already up at hand, ready and competent, they don't give you as much trouble., Don't achieve the step stool so close as to make your body close adequate for him to knock you off near his head. If putting the halter on his collar doesn't confine him enough and hold him still enough, bridle him OVER the halter for a while, newly let him wear it until he learn that you can restrain him enough to bridle him...afterwards go rear to putting it around his neck. look out and good luck.
Well, slip the halter around his nouns by undoing the strap. This makes it so it still restricts his movement but it's out of danger for him too. Then put your hand lower than his nose and later cup it so your fingers are on top, this give you leverage and you should know how to control him a little better. Good luck.

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