Bringing out the gold in a palomino...?

I want to bring out the gold in my palomino.he's got a nice gold color, but since he's pasture boarded, I think the hot sun has faded his coat out a little bit. Anyone know of any tricks to bring out a richer gold, shampoo or other stuff? Also, I've heard adding molases in with his feed will bring out his dapples.he already has dapples, but will this really bring them out or is it just an old wive's tale? Here's a pic so you can see his color.he's a little faded in it.
Here is the TRUE secret to the true gold coin palomino.

I show halter horses, and have trained with world caliber trainers, so I know my stuff.

Feed your horse 3 tablespoons per day of PAPRIKA in his regular ration... yes, plain old buy-it-in-your-grocery-store paprika.

You have to allow a couple of weeks for the true color to come out, and of course, you will have more success if you can keep him up, or at least keep a fly sheet on him. Also, lots of elbow grease will bring out the shine and enhance the color as well.

BTW... dapples are undesirable in true palominos. they are considered a color flaw. Just thought you'd want to know, though I like them too. Always denotes a happy, healthy horsey to me.

Also lots of folks are recommending alfalfa and sunflower seeds, flax, etc. If your horse has the "smutty" gene, these things will RUIN your color, so feed them in MODERATION.
Rio Vista Golden Palomino Shampoo brings out the golden palomino look and it intesifys natural highlights. It also takes away stains. Golden Palomino is is made to bring out the pure golden qualities of Palomino, Dun, and Buckskin horses. It's also works well for flaxen manes and tails.
You also might want to try Gold-As-Sun by the same people who made Black -As-Kinght which is a coat enhancing feed.
"Gold-As-Sun utilizes the same oils, spices, herbs and seaweeds as Black-As-Knight; however, it is formulated to emphasize the golden/bronze colors on Palominos, Duns, Buckskins, and Chestnuts. Thus keeping the rich shiny bronze highlights rather that the dark highlights of blacks and bays. Beat that dingy burnt look with Gold-As-Sun today!"

Feeds like
Sunflower Seeds
Can darken your palomino's coat. Feed it unless your horse as the 'smutting' gene which then turns him a dark brown or black. So yes, molasses can darken a palomino's coat. has a feed supplemant that enhances bleached coats. It's called gold-as-sun. And if he already has dapples than by just protecting his coat from the sun with a fly sheet and by giving him the supplement they will stand out more. By the way he is a beautiful palomino. Love the dapples!
I totally agree with horse and rider for a topical temp solution, I raise and show buckskins, duns and palominos AQHA. I understand that u pasture board your horses and bleaching is a huge problem. The only true way to have a great color coat is body clipping and proper blanketing. there are very lightweight sheets and turnout blankets that block uv and bleaching rays of the sun. Good luck and I would try the products that horse and rider suggested.
Your horse is addorable. But I know what you mean when you say you want to bring out his color more. There are sprays, and shampoo's, and lotions that you are able to put on his coat that stop bleaching the coat. If you want his coat to shine more Cowboy Magic has lots of sparys and shampoo's that shine and bring out a horses true color.
good luck
Cheval International has a product called Gold as Sun
It works.
Will darken up your horses coat color as long as you use it regularly and keep him on it in the summer it works.
Mom is totally correct. And guess what the main ingredient in the Cheval products are? Paprika. And they only charge you $35 for something you can buy in the store for about $2.

My mistake, the cost is now $49 instead of $35
Utilizes the same oils, spices, herbs and seaweeds as the famous Black~As~Knight; however, it is formulated to emphasize the golden/bronze colors on Palominos, Duns, Buckskins, and Chestnuts; thus, keeping the rich shiny bronze highlights rather than the dark highlights of blacks and bays. Beat that dingy burnt look with Gold~As~Sun today! (6lbs lasts about 2 months.)
3 lbs $26.95 6 lbs $48.95
20 lbs $148.95 46 lbs $289.95 - Fax Order 605-787-6203 - Call 605-787-6486
At feeding time if you give your horse grain or something mix in ground up flax seed and corn oil. My palomino's coat was very dim when I got him. But now it is the brightest golden color ever. Between feeding that and using a special shampoo it should cover it, but you have to be patient. They are starting to grow their winter coats now so it will look like it is not doing anything. Around springtime it will start shedding its coat and then the color will start coming out.
You can use this supplement called Gold-as-Sun. You can find the ad's for it in almost every horse magazine.'s the active ingredient in Gold as Sun, but not as overpriced. Also, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds will help your horse's coat.

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