How much does it cost to build an indoor arena?

Looking for some ballpark figures, which I can't seem to find online. Specifically for the Northeast, but any ballpark amount would be helpful.

I don't mean a Coverall arena or something similar, I mean a real metal frame indoor arena with lighting.
We built one in Michigan about 7 years ago. We opted for wood as it was cheaper. The arena size (clearspan) was 60 x 200, the barn size was 80 x 230. Price was $40K for materials, and another $20ishK on labor. We did most of the labor ourselves. This was wood frame with sheetmetal siding/roof. We did all of the lighting ourselves as well. We used the halogen street lights, 3 rows of them each row on a different switch so I didn't have to run them all at the same time.

If you get on the websites of the metal frame buildings, you can often get one that was ordered by someone else and then they decided not to get it. This way they are quite a bit cheaper. Rember this though, the price they quote you is for the materials. Then figure at LEAST half that to hire someone to put it up. And steel frame buildings are not something you can do yourself.

Good luck!
A friend of mine who is a trainer and just bought a new horse facility had an indoor arena put in about two months ago. The arena itself is 300 by 500 and the actual roof structure is 400 by 600, giving a little room around the outside of the arena for seating and for storage, etc. It is fully enclosed with sliding door and windows, and fully lit with stadium lighting, irrigated so that it can be "watered" when needed, and it has some really amazing footing. She spent $150,000 on this facility and $65,000 of that went into the arena. They are expensive because of the "span" that it takes to cover without internal supports. Also, they must be graded properly and there must be proper drainage in order to assure that it's not a mud pit in the rainy season because of water "seepage". Good luck.
Be more specific Lenght ? , material of the arena?
When figuring the cost of building anything you can call any contractor in the area and ask what their base cost is per ft. Most places charge $20 or more per ft. Take you (LxW)x20=Cost I know around here (Oklahoma) that construction for homes is between $50-$70 but that includes carpet water, electric etc things not needed in a shell/arena so again I would figure $20 and up. So your 20x40 is 800sfmultiple by $20 equals 16000 roughly hope this helps like I said for a more accurate price get some base prices from local contractors
The ring will cost $379,500, and that includes discounts from contractors.
Can't say, but you need to get estimates from companies that build them, then make a decision on who to use.

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