Why do ferrets tend to yawn when you grab them in the back of their heads?

i have 2 ferrets and everytime they try to jump out of the cage or bite me or anything i simply grab them in the back of their head, after i do that they go in sorta of a trance and start yawning, what causes this?
I think its because the mom ferret picks her babies up this way when moving them around in the wild. So maybe its just a comfort thing. It doesnt hurt them to do that to them, my vet told me to do that to clip their nails.
Your streching there faces so the are not really yawning,,,, But asking you to let me go
that's funny.don't have the answer but I noticed the samething when I had 2 ferrets.
lol maybe they're saying oww
When you grab ferrets by the back of the neck they get angry and maybe even a little scared. Think about it you are taking control of your ferret, and what is he doing not yawning I'll tell ya that much. He's showing off his teeth saying hey buddy, quit or Im gonna have to like bite you or something. hehe, Ive had ferrets too. The trance happens I think becuase just like when cats curl up when they are picked up by the scruff of their neck its an instinct from when they were babies.Ferrets might be picked up the same way by their mothers?
cuz ur boring them . they want u to give up tryin to understand them, they are cool and well u cant get on their level.jk
They are actually Yawning. you are cutting off the oxygen to the brain and they cant breathe properly. don't hold them for too long like this as it could hurt them. otherwise grab them around the middle just under the front legs.

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