Is it legal to keep a baby squirrel in the state of texas?

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If you are hell bent on keeping this as a pet. then get educated

Get it VET checked as they carry a ton of crap you dont want to get.

You will need to find a vet who can test its feces for everything,, also need to vaccinate against distemper/rabies

Yes in all 50 states all widlife is protected.. you may be albe to get a permit to own it..

Far as what to feed it now.
without knowing how old hard to say

I would think KBR kitten replacement formula from Walmart would be best if its young enough it was not weaned.
After that consult a VET for best feed..Prob a hamster chow.

You can try calling a local sanctuary for advice but they may not tell you if they think you are keeping a wild animal.. try local vets or better yet Local universities with Zoology programs or VET schools.

Good Luck

i think it is because i used to live out the and squirrels are every when i thing it would be okay to keep on for yorself
Why would animals even want to be in texas?
Not legal most places- I used to have one though
I think not. Squirrels are wildlife and you can't keep them.
The first answerer is right- wild animals should be kept free at all times. No matter what state, what animal, let it be free!

I think Federal laws call squirrels protected mammals and prohibit having them as pets except with a special license.
no i dont think so..i think you found a baby squrriel and think its adboned but the mama will come back for it leave it near a tree or where you found it untouched as much as posssiable
No but if they are without there mother you can try to help it also there is a center for baby squirrels
They can help you.
not if you eat it before the game warden shows up.

More garlic, less rosemary.
it is if you don't tell anybody.
No, not unless you have a wild life rehabilitation certification status. However, comma, it's not like people will be coming by to check out what you are doing in your own home. The danger of keeping a baby squirrel is 1) do you know what you are doing and 2) is the squirrel healthy?

While squirrels generally make 'funny' pets, and can be socialized into a family situation, they do not 'potty train' easily, they chew, they make nests and must remain caged a good portion of the time if you care about the insides of your home. Also, squirrels will 'nibble bite' a human the same as they do when they spar with other squirrels.

The biggest concern with a baby squirrel is that unless you are dedicated to keeping it a pet forever and providing it medical care and shelter and food -- it's detrimental to the squirrel to turn it into a pet - - realize later it was more than you were prepared to handle -- and then turn out a 'tame' squirrel to survive on it's own.

We raised a storm blown orphan squirrel two years ago in Texas. It was a great experience with a happy ending but it was labor intensive. If you need more details about how to go about this 'rescue' email me at Obviously if you have a baby squirrel and are in the process of raising it -- you are too far into the process to put it out the door to face certain death - - especially this time of the year.

Another tip -- you can't take a red baby squirrel from Texas and release it in an area that only has gray squirrels. The grey squirrels will kill it. We are military and move a lot and my mother ended up taking our dear orphan "Rusty" to Alabama to finish handraising. When she called the game warden about release -- he said the only hope was to take it back to Texas. So we drove to Alabama, picked up Rusty and released him.

The 'release' part was the most difficult. He wanted to be outside, but wanted to be inside as well. It took about three weeks for Rusty to get the hang of being a real squirrel -- though he did scamper back down in the trees when we were outside for belly chuckles he did gradually turn wild. We kept a supply of food out for him and he'd visit on the fence and hiss and snicker and chitt -- and he was really smart -- he'd come to our pet door in the window and wait for attention. Eventually, he came less and less and we hope he found a Mrs. Rusty and lived happily ever after.

Good Luck!!
Nope! Let it go!
I am not sure if it is legal in Texas but no one should keep wildlife as a pet. They cant be tamed even if you hand raise it from a baby. They will always have wild instincts and will never go away. Let wild animals be wild.

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