My hamster eat a chip, is that piosones to hamsters and will he be all right?

It won't kill him, and isn't poisonous, but DON'T feed them to him again. If you want to feed your ham special treats, stay with fresh foods- they love cucumbers, and apple chunks, which are both very healthy for them. Steer clear of citrus fruits, however, as those can be toxic to ham's.
As long as it isn't a computer chip he will be just fine.
no, the hampster will be fine. he might get sick, but fine.
You're hamster will be fine. My boy's use to feed their hamster cheese popcorn.
no, it's not poisonous, but if it was salty you might want to give it something extra juicy, any kind of juicy fruit will do.
Ah the chip. The chip, originally from the potato(starch), fried in oil with added salt (sodium chloride). Hamsters eat fruits, nuts and other stuff. A potato-based product will not hurt it. However feeding it chips often with high-salt content will be adverse to its health since its normal diet does not have such high-salt content.
you've problably turned him in to a junk food junky, he'll live but watch out for those up coming cravings.
A little won't hurt him just as long as you don't do it too often.
of course he'll be alright! hamsters have very sturdy stomachs that can tolerate even meat (but not pork). besides, they LOVE to eat!
No more potatoes or you will have a fat American hamster.
no he will be fine,
just don't let him have anymore
like how many did he eat?? a bucket of it?
No worries-your hamster should be just fine. He gets more fiber out of his normal diet ,maybe not as much sodium.
I think he will be ok. It's just fried potato.
he will be just fine, rodants eat veggies and fruit
Chips, the English kind, should be essentially fine. Since they are fully of salt and grease, make sure there is plenty of water available. Since it is not a typical hamster diet food it may make his droppings a little messy for a short while. However keep any eye on the quality of them. While highly unlikely, if you see maroon or other colors mixed in with the droppings, then it may be worth asking your local vet. I am sure he or she will be just fine.
No. Calm Down, Don't be so paranoid. A chip will not harm your little critter. Trust me! I once had a gerbil, two actually, and I fed him cheerios. Chips, are just flower. No need to worry.
it will be fine, but too much of that kinda eatin and it will be fat
no the chips are not poisonous..they wouldn't do that.hamsters chew.its their nature..
Your lil buddy will be just fine he may get a lil tummy ache from the fried potatoe just feed him hamster food lettuce and plenty of water that way you wont have to worry
He'll probaly be alright. Even in worst case scenario if its tummy has some weird reaction, it will either be vomited back up, a bad tummyache, or some variation of Hamster Constipation like normal humans.
He'll be alright. What kind of breading? Had hamsters that would fight over the crab meat that i would bring home from the restaurant. They loved any kind of seafood. Breading could be a problem.
he'll be ok give him some dip with it next time. J/K :)
You're hamster will be fine - I had a guinea pig that ate paper, chocolate, cigarette buds - I swear he would eat anything and he still lived a long and healthy life.
no its not poisones but it could be harmful if you keep doing it because it will hurt him.
hell b ok
i dont think that it will harm it,but if a bone gets stuck in its throath then that is a problem!
The hamster should be fine, I fed my hamster a potato chip once and it lived to tell the tale.
Keep the french fries away. He might get a tummy ache but he should be fine.

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