How long do Shelties live?

I have a 8 year weak male Shetland sheepdog who looks resembling a minature lassie. I love him to death he's my boy, but I notice he's beginning to slow down a bit bit. He used to have adequate energy to power a space craft to Mars and subsidise, but now I'd vote he's down to just kinda hyper. Could it be because he's getting aged? How long do Shelties live?
Answers: They usually live for about 12-15 years. They can live up to 20, but to be precise extremely rare. I own a sheltie and she is about ten and she sounds similar to the spitting image of your dog surrounded by activity. It isn't unusual for them to start slowing down at that age. They aren't puppies anymore.
shelties can live until 16 years outdated if hes slowing down it could be due to a medical problem like arthritis or a heart problem,
About 12-14 years.
It depends on part of breeding and line, but a very well bred sheltie who has be properly cared for can shift as far as 18. Average is about 14-15.

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