Do hedgehogs stink?

i'm thinking about getting a hedgehog... I want to know if they stink. I mean if you walk into the room, can you smell them-like you can smell a rat's cage? i have a chinchilla now and she doesn't stink---like most rodents...
Hedgehogs are not rodents and do not have that typical rodent smell and therefore don't have very much body odor at all. If you compare the size of a hedgehog and the amount it poops to other animals then it poops more than just about any other animal. If you don't keep their cages clean they can get quite smelly, especially when they are babies. It isn't too difficult though to keep the cage clean, especially with just one. A lot of people like to use vellux or fleece cut to fit to line the cage instead of bedding. You can't use something that could snag their toes. I like to use a few small pieces of fleece inside my hedgies igloo for her to snuggle in. Hedgehogs love to run on wheels and a lot of them go potty while running. I put a stack of paper towels under my wheel and change that daily to catch most of the eliminations. Then I take out the cage liner every two to three days and shake off the poopies outside before washing it in hot water and oxyclean. Keeping my cage clean like this prevents any foul odor.
not to much if any. i wouldnt think so but im not sure if i remember. ask someone at a pet store, and your vet.
if you clean out the cage once a week and bath the hog regular then no

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