What can I use to clean my rabbits feet?

My rabbits feet are too dirty for regular shampoo.They get dirty from scratching,digging and heir urine.Please help me make them white again
I don't know if you can get them white again. I had a rabbit and I would use the cat wipes on her and I would use them on her feet too. She was a light gray and her feet were stained yellow. After using them long enough the stain started going away, but it never went away completely.
dont use anythinhg that they will lick of and get sick from. things like: soap lotion etc.

but u can use water
use a rabbit shampoo and sometimesu may need to brush off its feet witha gentle brush
PLEASE talk you your vet before doing this, but I was thinking maybe a wash of baking soda and warm water?
Start with a clean cage and then a bath for bunny. Then keep her cage cleaner so she doesn't have to be stepping in urine and feces. This can cause bacterial infections and skin burns from the ammonia in urine. Not to mention upper respiratory infections or pheumonia from inhaling the urine odors.
You can use some corn mill and corn starch mix, spray a light mist of water and then rub the corn mill & mix in and out of their fur until it is clean.
Do not use bleach!
I rase and show rabbits, so I always have to make sure they are clean.
First use a soft brush to remove the dry material. You can add a bit of vinegar with some warm water in a bowl. Take a towel and do spot treatment.
Don't use soap on a rabbit, see this page on grooming:
Check out this page, too:

Keep your rabbit's litterbox and habitat clean. She will end up with urine scald or something else bad like flystrike.
First I want to start by mentioning how to prevent your rabbit from getting dirty feet in the first place.

If your rabbit at adult weight weighs no more than about 10-11 pounds, then I recommend keeping your rabbit in a cage with a wire bottom floor. Don't support the cage underneath at the corners. Rabbits pee and poop in the corners and the pee and poop will build up in the corners.

My dad and I raise all white rabbits and we keep their feet snow white by just keeping them on clean wire floors. Many people have been amazed at how white and clean we keep their feet, but it is as simple as a clean wire floor.

Now for cleaning them. You can use white vinegar. Use a rag soaked in white vinegar, then rinse with a rag soaked in water, then dry. Corn starch can be used in addition because it will help pull the stain out by absorbing the stain. Just make sure that if you are showing your rabbit that you have no corn starch whatsoever in the fur. Rabbit show rules state that there are to be no foreign substances whatsoever on the fur. And they will kick you out of the show if they find corn starch on the fur.

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