Do fox eat ducks?

I live on a farm, and recently a fox has appeared by my pond where I have 4 ducks, not small but not big either. My husband is out to shoot the poor thing, and we have had heated fights over it, I am an animal lover and know it is just hungry, but he is concerned for the ducks, so am I. It is not rabid, just hungry. So do you think it is there for the ducks, or the duck food?
they might eat ducks it really depends. most foxes prefer to avoid noisy prey & wont enter any situation that seems too suspicious. when family pets or livestock do disappear its often a coyote, a raccoon or a bobcat. the fox may enjoy the leftovers, but will rarely go after anything that might sound an alarm. if you want a fox to go away u need to be there when the fox is active & maybe yell @ it & tell it do go away. but u cant just do it once or twice a day. foxes are smart animals & if they know u are only going to be there a certain times they will play games with u & show up when they know u wont be there. another way 2 make it leave is to take your dog (if u have one, if u dont c if one of ur friends have one) & walk it arond your farm & let it mark its terrtory so the fox will know that its not wanted there.

& most of all you've got 2 understand that its the circle of lfe foxes have 2 eat 2 u know.
Duck, duck, goose, goose.
He's stalking the ducks, but he'll take whatever he can get.
sorry to say, but they DO eat ducks. I hope your husband doesnt find it's the circle of life.
The ducks are a meal
Yes and for the ducks.
Fox eat ducks you have ducks missing what do you think?
Foxes are predators for any fowl. If you don't hear the Aflack duck anymore, you'll know why.
if the fox is smart, it will get the ducks, if it is not, it will get the duck food. it is natural for the fox to eat ducks. before humans called the land theirs, fox would eat ducks if it can. after humans called the land theirs, fox would eat ducks if it can. when humans keep taking land away from fox, the fox has to go from eating whatever naturally would be living by the pond to eating whatever humans put there. to really love animals, let them be what they are born to be, do whatever they were born to do.
Fox eat ducks, chickens, you name it. Haven't you heard about the fox in the hen house. Part of living on a farm is protecting your own--kill or be killed. My girlfriend had 4 Muscovy ducks she had raised and they lived on her pond. Along came the fox and the ducks were gone. Fox are carnivores.
They, fox red or gray, eat small critters, mice, voles, rats. The ducks, have a bigger chance of being killed by a Mink. Mink will attach themselves to a duck, chicken, at the juggler and suck them dry of blood. I tried to beat a Weasel off of a gosling we had hatched, but the Weasel had a death grip on the gosling and carried him away. Weasels are also in the same family as the Mink, a Mink is a weasel that stays in the water lives in the banks of the water. My husband was a trapper and I had to learn all this stuff, and watch all the PBS Nature programs.
it is there for your duck I would put them in a fox-proof cage on your back porch at night and leave your dog out or borrow a friends dog and leave it in the back yard, they dog will not get hurt by the fox but the fox will learn to keep it's distance, if it returns later on then go to a groomers and get dog hair and scatter it on the perimiter of the property to remind the fox of who lives here and who is boss.
yes the fox is there for the duck...
he hasnt got one yet??
maybe he isnt that hungry...
they normally go for smaller prey.. bunnies, mice and rats..
but if the duck is approachable.. he will go for the duck.
please dont let your husband shoot the fox.
remind him its illegal.. ;)

I am raising a baby fox right now.. she will be released next year...
the fox you guyes see... has babies!
its baby season!
someone shot my babies mom... not fair to the babies

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