Can horses eat crap apples?

i have a horse and also have a crab apple tree in full bloom and dont want to waste these apples.
yes and they enjoy them - New Forest ponies eat them all time! (well all the time that ripe ones are available anyway :) )

You can also use them to make jams and jellies, with lots of sugar and with things like blackberries too - if you can be bothered
Yes they can eat crab apples but I think they may avoid the crap ones!!
ha ha ha. thats the funniest question i've seen today. thanks for the giggle. and yeah, horses can eat crab apples.
ok. thats just wrong i dont wanna answer that question but i did. no!
yeah im sure they can!
i fed a couple of horses ova a couple of weeks last summer and there was a huge groupin of crab apple trees and i picked some and fed them and they seemed to love them.
hope yours like em as much as mine..
Try a bite they are and have their own taste and still be an apple... he can eat them and so can you
If I remember right the answer is yes but it dose not do them any good, they suffer with a lot of wind and other more nastys
yes they'll probably be alright, but in moderation.
Yes they can eat crab apples but in moderation

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