Is airconditioner condensate water safe for pets to drink?

My dog has allergies and he gets distilled water. I save my home's air conditioner condensate water for the vegetable garden but am wondering if it would be okay to let him drink it. I have no idea what impurities it could contain.
Yes and no. The water is essentially distilled since it is water vapor which has condensed on a cool surface, which is exactly how distilled water is made, boiled to make steam and then condensed in a cool area and collected. The thing is, air flow through carries dust and dirt which will collect on the wet surfaces where the water condenses and contaminate the condensate with whatever is in the air. If you can somehow keep the condensate from collecting the dust and dirt from the ambient air flowing through the condenser, you (or your dog) could safely drink it.
It would depend what is in the air.. how clean the water would be.
Only if you think it safe enough for you to drink!
Basically no. A summary of my source:
1. Contain bacteria and virus from air.
2. Water standing for long periods of time.
3. Dust from air would be in water, which you wouldn't want for your allergic dog.
No don't let him drink it. Legionaries disease and other bacterial disease comes from this.
it's distille water as well, it wont hurt your animal one bit.

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