Can you use a large glass aquarium as a cage for a guinea pig?

my daughter is wanting a guinea pig and we are looking at the care feeding, housing, etc and have'nt ran across any mention of using them or not using them.
NO! An aquarium does not offer adequate ventilation.
Here's some educational websites on guinea pigs.
Peter Gurney's website is great too
Yes, just don't fill it with water!
Yes I do use one for my mice.
i don't think it would be a great idea
bad ventilation!!
I dont see why not! As long as its big enough and is well ventelated, go for it!
i think
Sure, as long as the top is open for air and ventilation.
Ya, just pick up a wire covered for the top, especially if they have toys they can climb onto. Guinea pigs will need exercise around the house or in the back yard, always under supervision as well.
yes but dont put any fish things
as long as the lid has ventilation holes it will be ok
As long as your guinea pig has plenty of room to move around it should be fine, just put a screened lid on it so the critter won't escape! Having the bedding confined in a aquarium is much easier for clean up too! Good thinking!
The only thing about using an aquarium for guinea pigs is the awkwardness of cleaning and clearing up after them. They need a complete change of bedding, straw, hay at least twice a week, and a run to graze fresh grass, etc.
Yes you can use a large glass aquarium for a guinea pig. As long as you put something at the bottom. And make sure that he/she has toys to play with like a wheel, or something like that. I have a guinea pig and I keep her in an old fish tank. And shes doing great.
I kept mine in a aquarium growing up. It worked well.

Line the bottom with at least three layers newspaper and fill cedar chips on top of that.

Once a week, pull out the newspaper and cedar chips, then spray with water/clean with soap the glass bottom to keep it clean.
Just make sure that theres enough room for pet to create its own "habitat". Ventilation and tempreture are key. Find out what climate temp. is best 4 your pet, and then try to maintain that temp. Aquariums can get too hot sometimes for some mammals.
Not really cos they like to dig tunnels so if you can fill it half with sand and the cage is at lease 2 square meters then it will be fun for her to be able to watch him or her.Also don't close the top and if you have to use a wire mesh check on the inside temp. you can always install a little fan to help ventilate it
A 20 gallon long aquarium is good. It has plenty of floor space for one adult. Plus, guinea pigs are very sensitive to drafts and the solid sides prevent that. Provide good ventilation through the top and change bedding when it becomes damp or soiled.
You should use a regular cage since it gets better air circulation. Guinea pigs can get sick if from the ammonia in their urine so if the cage is not well ventilated it will cause serious problems. Also be sure to change out their bedding weekly even if they are in a regular cage to prevent health problems.
no they need more air
NO! It doesn't have well ventilation and when the guinea pigs pee and poop it can give off fumes and if these are in closed in a glass aquarium it can give them respiratory infection and kill them. Also do not use ceder shavings ever that can also kill them. Get a cage with a plastic tub bottom - no wire bottom that can break feet. If you are unable to you can keep them in a large Rubbermaid storage container without the lid until you find something. Good Luck!
Like most here said, it's a ventilation issue mostly. Guinea pig urine gives of a potent ammonia smell and your piggie will have to smolder in that until you clean it. And that's when you run into the next problem. A cage can be easily carried outside or to the bathroom to be hosed off, or it can be taken apart to clean it. An aquarium is heavy and awkward, especially if it's big enough for a guinea pig, and it's a lot harder to clean because of that.
You risk breaking the glass if you tried moving the aquarium, not a problem with a regular cage.
go to a pet store use a large rabbit cage
and to put a guinea pig in a aquarium is a bad mistake the animal will not be able to breathe and to clean it would be a hassle
so just go to t o pet store or walmart they have proper attire for ur guiniea
good luck

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