Do porcupines make good pets?

oh yeah totally.

They especially LOVE it when you cuddle them up to your neck. and pinch them HARD!
They sure do. They love to be petted and will curl up to you at night.
If you are looking for a pet that you can interact with on a daily basis NO! Porcupines are not meant to be domesticated and they could seriously harm you!
They can.but don't p*ss them off.
No! My Porcupine and my Kimod Fire Dragon gang up on my Coral Snake and my Galapogos Tortise.I get home and my house is thrashed..before I got the porcupine everyone got along fine.
Only if you like prickles stuck in you! :^)
i would not recommend you to have a porcupine for a pet. if you want something like that get a hedgehog.
No i wouldnt say so. I had a porcupine roaming around my back yard i hit it with a stick and it shot 40-50 quills at me and theyre posiness lucky for me they all missed lol i kept some of the quills.

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