Why women ride hard on small helpless ponies and whip them hard to make them run fast?

why women love to ride mercilessly on small ponies. i have seen
women whipping small mounts.
women are tyrants when they ride, always abusing helpless ponies
are you describing your sex life?
Few good enough reasons to need a whip if you're even a capable rider. It's like spurs. And I hope the ratio for size of woman vs size of steed is correct, otherwise it's bad for the horse's back!
I have yet to witness this behaviour...in fact, it does sound like you're making some complaint about your love life.
Because they think they are cool! Honestly I don't know... I have 8 horses and of them 4 that I ride on a somewhat regular basis, No riding crop, No whip, No spurs the smallest is just under 14 hands the largest is 15.2 hands. If treated right horses learn that none of these things are needed.
sounds like you are describing your sex life, please!!

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