Mother rabbit not producing milk for her kits?

My rabbit had 6 babies this morning. 5 are alive and we have been trying to get them to feed off of her but she hasn't been producing milk and she doesn't want to let them suck. We separated them to a warmer place because they were born in a cold corner, and now they are in a safe cage that they have fur and shavings in. We bought Homo milk and a bottle with a nipple the shape as a rabbit's so we could feed them. What should we do?!
If they don't start drinking the milk, contact your local vet. Babies can only survive a very short time without milk.
mother rabbits only feed there babies about 2 times a day. other than that they leave them alone like they would in the wild. you shoudn't have removed them from the cage.but i understand your concern. get some goatmilk from the store. they should drink that. if you decide to put them back in the cage rub the babies in hay and in the mothers fur to get your scent of of them.
Do not try to bottle feed. This is always a heart ache.
Mother rabbits only feed their young 2 times a day. roughly dusk and dawn. They will not "produce" milk the way dogs or cats do so even though she seems not to have any she does.
If they are covered with hair they are fine put them back in with mom and leave them alone. You can check on them by lifting the hair if they jump about like popcorn then they are doing fine. It is not uncommon for doe's to loose their first litter due to lack of experience. Bottle fed babies NEVER survive. They all die by around 4 weeks. (if you can get them to live that long) Also the way a mother rabbit feeds their babes is very different than a cat/dog they will stand above their litter of kits while the kits reach up and suckle. Where as dogs/cats will typically lay on their side to feed their babes. So if you are trying to get her to lay and feed the kits this could be why she is seeming to refuse them. If you insist on bottle feeding do not use homo milk goat milk is the way to go do not use kitten milk for cats. Also remember mom naturally only feeds them twice daily. So just because you are not seeing her feed does not meen she isn't. Doe's do not like to attrack attention to their babes and will stay away as long as needed and when you are not looking hop in and care for their young.
The kits should be in a NESTBOX. This should have been suppplied to the doe on the 28th day of her gestation. The nextbox should have had shavings and hay in it for her to build a warm nest in for the kits. If you haven't done so already, put the kits and hair into a nestbox and get them back with the doe ASAP.

A doe will only nurse a few times a day and only when not being watched. Nursing will last a few minutes. Rabbits are not like cats or dogs that will stay with their young. They do this to protect them from predators. If a rabbit avoids the nest, she won't draw attention to it. Make sense?

But in all seriousness, get the kits into a proper nest box and back with the doe. This is their best chance of survival.
they don't feed right away, they are usually fed within 18 hours of birth. leave them with mom!

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