Are Possums dangerous?

there is a possum running around in my backyard sometimes. i want to know if i should take action
They do a lot of hissing and growling, baring their teeth like they would eat you alive, but they rarely actually bite..only if you grab one.. they won't attack if you don't corner them or touch..they love cat food and old bread.. We used to leave cat food and bread for them, so they would leave our chicken eggs worked!
You are safe with them in your yard, but if they get under your house they can make a mess..they tore up our heating ducts. they also often have fleas, so your pets can get fleas from them..

Here is a wonderful site, all about them! >
they r mean .don't bother them, and they wont bother u :)
Only if they have rabies as would any other animal with rabies would be dangerous. Possums are so ugly they are cute. They are night animals, and freeze up when they see you. They are like a statue. As for their attacking you, etc..NO unless they are Rabid. I have taken photos of possums coming to our yard in a certain "pecking order" to eat. The older ones come first then it goes down to the younger ones. They always leave enough for the entire "family"! LOL
Yes. ignore them.
I have a lot of them running around here and yes,they can be dangerous. Anyone who doesn't think so has not been hissed at and charged at by one. Most of them are frady cats and do run off or freeze, but some of them are quite aggressive when they are around their babies or food..
They are also very destructive so if you have trash cans make sure the lids are on them.
they are mean and nasty with sharp long teeth. they can hiss and tear up small animals. they carry all sorts of vermin, ticks and parasites. they are difficult to kill.truly. they have to be shot thru the brain and their brain is the size of a small grape. we've had tons of them over the years and even with really large dogs, they are a problem. we shoot them to keep the population down in our area. good luck.
my possums have always been very tame. I had babies born under the house. They used to try and wander out, but the stupid dogs would always catch them. Every time that I heard the dogs barking, I knew they had cornered a possom.

The possom would be playing dead. I would pick it up by it's tail and carry it back to the front of the porch where it would hide beneath.

I did this for several months. they are all grown now and seem to get by on their own. they live underneath the house with some of my cats. they have never tried to hurt any of them.

Possums seem to be very gentle. If you don't threaten them, they don't threaten you.
Possums are dangerous, might carry rabies, have sharp teeth. Keep away, and don't leave a calling card of food out for him/her.
All animals can be dangerous. Possums generally aren't. If the possum in your yard is not visibly sick, leave it alone. It will look for food and then go on its way. Ignore it or take advantage of your opportunity to watch one of nature's creatures.

I live on a partly farmed, partly wild tract of land. We have some combination of turkey, deer, bear, skunk, fox, coyote, possum, raccoon and just about anything else native to the area in the yard and even on the porch every day. The only precautions we take are to secure our trash and to look out before we open the door. Cohabitation is easy and rewarding as long as you don't startle or deliberately antagonize the wildlife.
No, they are not dangerous if you just leave them alone and let them live their life and you live yours. Opossums are highly resistant to rabies and are rarely found to be rabid. Scientists believe that this is because the opossum's body temperature is too low to support the rabies. Othe people on here saying otherwise don't know what they are talking about.
When you think "possum", think "Giant mutant rat" and ask yourself if you really want a giant mutant rat running around your yard.

Yes, possums are wild animals. They may move slow and look lazy, but those razor sharp teeth are darn quick and dangerous. Their claws are not too kind either. If you find a motionless possum: Just because the possum is staying still (playing possum!) does not mean it is asleep or dead. This is one trait to cause other animals to assume the possum is dead and leave - however, if anything or anyone tries to double-check a little too close, they may well find out otherwise - the hard & painful way. Yes, they certainly can carry diseases. If you see an unusually aggressive animal, steer clear and call for professional assistance. In short, my advice to folks is to never approach a wild animal unless you work for animal control and are trained!

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