How do you fix a split horse hoof?

due to a recent change of diet and weather changes, my one of my horse's hoof developed a large split. I got the farrier to trim away as much as he could at the weekend but the split is still there. I was told that should it get any worse, that a shoe would need to be put on the hoof to 'keep it together' - this will be a last chance option as the arab stallion does not require shoes. Can anyone recommend any good creams or other stuff I can use to remove the split? I have an in-hand show with him on 26th May so need help urgently! thanks
I have a TB mare that foundered and was put in wedge pads before I rescued her and her hooves split. So take it from me and everyone else who has already told you to shoe him: If you do not put shoes on your horse, they cracks can, and probably will spread to the corinary band and if they get that high THEY WILL NOT GROW OUT! so please shoe him. Horses hooves grow like our fingernails, they start at the cuticle and as they grow longer they harden through a process known as keritanization, if there is a disruption in the cuticle so tissue cannot grow there, horn (hoof) will not be produced. That is why if you ever see a person missing a piece of their finger, they may not grow a nail, that is because tissue has to be present to harden into a nail, your horse's hoof is the same way. Horny growth starts out in the corninary band (equivalent to the cuticle) and with keratin hardens into horn. If the crack reaches the corinary band and the tissue is damaged, new tissue will not grow and horn will never form, thus your horse's hoof will always have a crack in it; it will still grow and need trimmed, but it will grow with a crack right in it. If you show your horse to prevent the cracks from further spreading, they will grow out in a couple months if you allow your horse access to good grass and add a biotin supplememt to his feed. Resetting the shoes every 4 weeks will speed up the process. Staples are an option only if the crack becomes and open wound and they will not be appropriate cosmeticaly for showing, they also can damage the tissue and slow healing, they help in some serious situations, but may not be necessary in this one. Shoeing your horse will stop the cracks and if you are worried about cosmetics, buy hoof putty from National Bridle shop or Dover and fill the crack in for the show and paint over it with polish. I would recommend removing it after so the crack can get air and heal faster, you do not need any fungus or bacteria festering in there. Good luck and call your farrier ASAP for some shoes.
There is no cream that will repair a split hoof; shoeing is the only option and you have to let it grow out.
sorry honey if his hooves are split he does need shoeing, if it gets worse he will become lame or get an infection. Fix his feet then think about the show!
no cream will fix your horses hoof,but for a long term course of treatment there are various supplements that will help speed up the growth of the foot,
if in the UK farriers formula is one its a supplement you add to the feed and i use it on my horses and it really does work,its expensive but my horse had a crack and it grew out in three months,due to this supplement.
another one is hoof and hide that is cheaper than farriers formula but it takes longer to work.
if you want to harden your horses hoof and prevent cracks in the future there is a paint on liquid called keratex its sold at feed stores and i use that also as my horse has problems keeping shoes on.
you paint it on twice a week on dry hooves and it starts to harden the hoof to prevent cracking and shoe took 3 months of regular farrier work and these things to see any difference.
there is a saying my farrier uses no hoof no horse
i don't think you will be showing him for some time. this is what is known as a sand crack and your farrier could insert special staples which will stop it going any further, or shoes will do the same thing. You don't say where exactly the split is, would it be possible to put grass tips on (small shoes that fit on just the toe of the front hooves). you need to moisturise your horses hooves with cornucrescine ointment - really good stuff. Feed has a big part too, use something with BIOTIN in it, it is a hoof strengthener, or Farriers Formula. Try to ensure your boy stands in (or gets his feet hosed with) water to add moisture. I would also try to avoid hoof oil as this is a moisture repellant and the last thing you need. I never put hoof oil on my horses and have never had problems with cracks.
go get your self some tub and sink caulking. Use this to fill the crack it all so helps hold it to gather till it grows back out. After it drys cover with your regular hoof treatment. I find that this works, because my Arab stallion does the same thing. He shows to, I even use mabalene eyeliner for scrachs in his coat.
There are special acrylic based products on the market that your farrier knows how to use. These products fill the crack and turn solid preventing the crack from going higher. They grow out with the hoof. They come in transparent, white and black so u can use them according to your horses hoof color. It's very important that this is done by a farrier.
there are no otiments for split hoofs i'm afraid. it will be only corrective shoeing that will sort out the problem.

there are ways to prevent this happening in the future.

Don't let the horse stand too long in wet bedding or poached paddocks.

When the ground is dry put on a hoof moist type of otiment. try some off these products.

also feed your horse a feed supplement for their hoofs. try these links

also farrier fomula
i think your best bet is to ask your local vet he will know what to do
cornucrecine in a white flat tin with a horse shoe on it,if you use it twice a day you may need to get the hooves trimmed back every few weeks,you can regrow a complete hoof in 6 months with this stuff,good on scars too and i had the best nails ive evr had while i was using it on my pacer, try it it brill

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