Can you keep a Ferret and a Guinea Pig together?

I already have a Guinea Pig and was wondering if you could successfully keep it with a Ferret in the same enclosure?
Would they fight and not get along or would they be fine together?
No! OMG! Okay! In the wild Ferrets instinctively hunted rodents, farmers domesticated them and used them to kill off the rodents that were runing their crops. Now 60 years later Ferrets are kept as pets, but they will intuitively still feel the need to kill a rodent, it is not advisable to put the GP in with a Ferret. Ferrets are very loving and intelligent animals, but they cannot be kept in the same enclosure with GP's, rabbits, or hamsters.

It is never a good idea to house small animals together, of any variety. Guinea pigs are at the bottom of the food chain just about, and they have no defense mechanisms. They are also very easily stressed, and this just would not be a stable life for him.

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