Why do my male rabbits keep humping each other?

they are just play-mating. they are learning how to do it.

get them spayed.. they will be calmer and easier to play with too if you do.
because there is nothing else for them to be with

Just kidding. My rabbit is neutered to avoid having him become one big raging hormone. They instinctively want to breed. And if they are only humping eachother, that is not too too bad because they can become downright mean. They will even fight other rabbits they have lived with for a long time. My rabbit was neutered when I got him and I never would have thought of having it done but I am glad he is because he lives in the house, does not mark up territory, and he uses his litter box faithfully. So if you aren't going to breed them, think about having them done. There are places that will do it for you with discounts. Check with the House Rabbit Society on line. :)
get them spayed/neutered.(forgot which is for which) they'll stop.
You have queer rabbits!
Embrace it honey, Your rabbits are gay! Besides thats what rabbits do best.
if sanjaya is your future husband then that would make you a male am i correct? in time your rabbits will chew each others privates out and there will be only one left mine did the same thing.SEPERATE THEM NOW
they hump each other in preparation for mating
Ok--- Iv'e got a song about it--Ducks and Geese and dogs gonna do it, horse and bull do the same thing to it-----this is silly----their horny of course!
don't worry my male rabbits do it all the time
actaully the dominance anwser was correct. it is the same reason why dogs fight and sniff each others butts.. they are tell eachother who is boss. 2 female rabbits will do the same thing and getting them spayed will not do anything. is is just then figuring out who is going to be the more dominant one. just like with my two rabbits one is more dominat than the other... which ever one is on top in the most dominant that is why they fight for the top.
It's nothing to worry about & I doubt they're gay, that was funny with the "gay rabbit" bashing---but as a few people have posted, tons of animals do that because it Is a dominance thing. Both of my dogs are spayed & neutered & the smaller of the 2 happens to be a female who was here first, much to the chagrin of our cats she would hunt 'em down & hump 'em for hours--if they'd let her--which, of course, they DIDN'T---as a puppy, she did it to my sister's 140lb rottweiller, & when we got our second dog--who is a good third bigger than her & male, she was on him like white on rice---& still is! He does it to her & he's a eunich but it doesn't seem to matter...or even which part they hump-head, leg-whatever! Talk about rude!

But you should probably listen to the person that posted about their male rabbits being nasty to each other...
And Hey! If they're gay, they're gay!
Rabbits show dominance over another rabbit by getting on top and "humping" (in our house we call it riding the bus) the rabbit it is trying to be dominant over! This behaviour starts long before they are able to mate, and often it is the littlest one in the litter that is trying to be the most dominant! It occurs less often when they are neutered and the cage does not get as dirty or smelly either! As the males mature they can actually harm each other by all the fighting that can take place, injuries can also be to the scrotum or even their penis which can get quit costly and tricky to treat! So you don't even want to go there!
Rabbits will "ride" other rabbits to establish dominance. Sort of their way of saying "I'm the boss and you're not". These incidences can esclate into fights.

Another reason is their desire to mate. :o)

Either get your bucks fixed, or keep them seperate at all times.

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