My Hermit Crabs Feeding Leg Is Broken Off What Should I do?

I just bought 2 hermit crabs yesterday and I notice one of them has his feeding leg broken off What should I do will he survive with out it? will it grow back?
Take him back to the pet store and get a new one.

Hermit crabs aren't known for their long life spans, but it sounds like this guy's days are limited. Ask at the pet store, you might want to find a better end for him instead of starvation.
point and laugh
carry it bak. cook it.pray fo it..its just a crab
Vet please go its not much if you love your pet.
Staple it back on. I did that for mine and it is a happy mother of five Hermies.
im not sure about that one.i would observe him and see if he can eat without it. Maybe he can improvise and use another leg. If he can't I don't think they euthanize hermit crabs. So maybe just letting him die if he can't eat. I don't know really sorry!

p.s all of the vets i work at never see hermit crabs and dount they will.
i believe you're supposed to shoot it and then bury it during a quiet ceremony.

there'll be OTHER crabs.
Shoot it and put it out of its misery.
You'll have to spoon feed it now !
i had the same thing happen to me i tried to feed but like a few day later it was dead
good luck!!
You people don't have to be rude. She just asked a question, isn't that what this site is designed for.??
It will grow back. In the mean time, he'll use his smaller pincher to feed with.

Katherine- hermit crabs properly cared for can live up to 20 years in captivity. The key term here is Properly Cared For.
we had the same problem..once she moulted underground..she came back up after a month to 6 weeks.she grew a new!
It should come back when it molts, I am sorry for all the rude answer you have gotten here, it is sad these people have nothing better to do that act like, well you know.
call a vet and ask them.
The hermie will do okay without his feeding claw. They will use the other claw some. Their main feeding legs are up underneath them and they will use those to get the food to their mouth. The little feeder legs will get the food from the feeder claw and take it to the mouth.

It would help if you ground the food up for it tho. This will make it easier, since it can not use the feeder claw to help break it down into smaller pieces.

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