Help quick! I have a mouse stuck on sticky paper, how do I get it off?

I;m not going to kill it, it's too sweet and is squealing at me to get it off! Please help:(
If you use cooking oil, such as Wesson oil, that releases the glue on the trap. It says so on the package, and I have had to do this at work several times for pets stuck on traps.
throw it in the neighbours yard
Through the sticky paper. It should be a little so as to take another one to use it again. Otherwise, try with oxygene.
pull it off!

quick like you would a plaster surely less pain that way.

or wet it a bit should come off easier then?
Its sweet but it has loads of germs too!try to get it in a bag and then just thro it outside.
put it in the trash and let them worry about it
Get a box or pot, push it in and cover it. Take it out and if you really want to help it find a way of tearing the paper so each foot is on one peice. Eventually the paper will wear off.
Easy, just discard the sticky mouse in the trash. hair , hide , feathers and all. done. ..
put some water in a shallow pan or dish, just a few centimeters.let it soak for awhile he might come off. that's terrible
KILL IT! You CAN'T "remove" it w/out DAMAGE! You are *CAUSING* MORE suffering! KILL IT FAST!

Mice are NOT "sweet"! They're VERMIN!
what sort of sticky paper does it have glue on it iwould put baby oil on the paper and try and pull the mouse off of it
You cannot get it off the paper by your self, I am sorry. The only way would be to take it too the vet. If you try, you will break its leg or toes. It is sad, I feel sorry for you, I had seen one stuck a few years back at a supermarket. It is sad to see them suffer.

Sorry for the other rude answers you have received
Use another sticky trap. Place it along the mouse's back, then
use that to pull it off the first trap. Once you have it caught by the back, bring the mouse and trap outside and shake it vigorously, kind of flicking or snapping your wrist. This should get the mouse off, maybe with a little less back hair, but safe just the same.
first put on some gloves,get some steam and blow on the stcky trap.then,dip only the pad in cold water.then,loosen it out by twisting it slowly and gently.
Vegetable oil

I can not believe all the rude answers out here! SHAME ON YOU GUyS!


Assuming your sticky paper is the type used in mouse traps or for bugs. yougot problems

The mouse can not get off and if you try to ull him you will rip skin at the least but probably break bones and kill it

You can try a q tip with baby oil or mineral oil wher eit is stuck..

H e WILL bite you if he can ,,he is scared and does not know you want to help him.. dont take it personally..
But dont get bit either!

I would call the local VETS office for advice or local animal rescues or rehabbers

Is there a way you could CUT around the mouses feet leaving smallamounts of the paper on his feet but freeing him from the large sheet?

If you can not .. he will evntually stress out and lay down and really be stuck and he will die

ITS an awful thing.. whomever put the paper down should be shot
THere is no more cruel way to catch and kill a living thing than sticky paper.

Sorry. just sad..

OK. well I hope It helps..

Also you can try putting it in a SHALLOW pan with water just enough to cover the paper only. even if it does not soak it off it will give mouse something to drink AND keep him from laying down and getting stuck more.

You can also cover the rest of the paper in flour or baby powder to make the rest of the sticky useless
Be careful not to fog it into the mouses lungs

ALso warmer water may help loosen the glue ust be sure it does not overheat the mouse.

Good Luck.. How awful for both of you

ALso make sure you destroy the sticky paper if you get him free and any other you find!

Poor thing
I acidently did that to my fluffy dwarf hamster once. I had to pull it off! I felt so bad.Put water on it and maybe something else. If its on its back cutt the furr alittle. Sorry. I hope its ok!

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