How do i dispose of my dead puppy?

My puppy died tonight of parvo which means i can't bury him or else i will be spreading the yard with parvo and i can't afford the vet. so what are my options?
Well the shelters here bag them up and put them inthe trash. The trash comes to get them and puts them in the landfill.
If you have a city animal control facility, you should be able to take him there. And PLEASE don't get any more pets if you can't afford a vet!!!
Well, I was going to say, look in the phone book for a local pet cremation center, but if you can't afford the vet, you might not be able to afford the cremation site, either.
Im sorry for your lost but try to call your local animal control and they should be able to help u. Good Luck and again im so sorry to hear that about your puppy.
Well, you can dig deep enough on your backyard if you had one, so that it won't smell afterwards. oh by the way, wrapped it on a black plastic.
put it in a plastic bag and throw it away or bury it deep in the ground
the best thing i would suggest would be to put it in a pretty thick trash bag and find another area out side of the yard to bury it.
Try calling either the Humane Society or animal control. If they can't help you, I'm sure they could point you in the right direction. There is most likely an animal cremation company in your area. Try getting their number.
Ring your animal control or local council, but honey, please, in future, get the puppies injected against the likes of parvo, as it's a horrible and extremely infectious disease. If you can't afford the treatment or at least prevention medication, maybe it is better to refrain from having a pet until your situation improves financially and you can look after it properly. Please don't be offended, I'm only trying to spare you more heartache, and help the next pet you might consider having. I am very sorry for your loss, so please think about it before it happens again.
Take care.

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