Help! My rabbit broke his front tooth!?

I came into my room and found my rabbit was acting wierd so I picked him up and found a bloody mouth and a broken tooth, only one tooth fell off from the front but my rabbit is eating and moving around better now.

I put cold water on the tooth and super blue green alge.

Should I be worried about an infection? I know the tooth will grow back because I read rabbit teeth don't stop growing.

Also my friends rabbit ate some onions peices by mistake is that ok can it die or get sick? her rabbit has been fine ever since eating the onions, cause I know onions are bad for all pets.
Best thing to do is take your rabbit to a vet. yes, their teeth are constantly growing, but rabbits are prone to get abscesses from injuries and you definitely don't want that.
Regarding onions - they are presumed to be toxic to rabbits so it is better to not feed them. If your friend's rabbit ate it and didn't get sick, I'd say your friend was lucky.

Pls see links below for information about caring for your bunny
Call a vet and ask
well oviosly it gonna cause infection you need to take him to the vet a soon as possible bc that can kill him. u should have went to the vet first and get some meds be it would help with the pain and yes the tooth will gorow back just giv it time.
Dinner time i heard rabbit taste good
yeah you need to take it to the vet, and when someone loses a teeth i heard you are supposed to put it in a cup of milk until you go to the doctor and then they can put it back in for you or something, but you should take it to the vet and read up on what rabbits can and can;t eat before you accidently kill your rabbit/
I had a guinea pig who broke his teeth (trying to bully his brothers) seeing as how rabbits and guinea pigas are similar, I thought I could help. I wouldn't be worried about infection. What I did was boil the water, putting salt in it. Then I let the water cool. Not a lot of salt though but just enouigh to help with their dietary requirements and keep germs at bay. You could just add salt to warm water and let it cool (quiker and easier) I also chopped the food up in to smaller, easier to manage pieces until he got better. This seemed to speed the healing process(since he wasn't chewing as much) and worked weel all the same. Good Luck! Sorry about your bunny!

As for the onion bit. I've never been told by any vet that onions are bad for animals. I had a guinea pig (one of several in my life) who actually liked onions and ate them often. They shoudln't hurt. THey still had good stuff in them which I'm sure contributes to their health.
The tooth will grow back and unless there's a cut that won't heal up,
I wouldn't waste my money on a vet. Generally vets know nothing about rabbits.

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