My son found a caterpillar and wants to keep it, how do I keep it alive?

I did some research and found out it is an Eastern Tent caterpillar, I know about fruit trees and all that jazz. I am just wondering if anyone has kept one alive in amatuer captivity and how long it lasted?
caterpillars really aren't meant to be kept in captivity. You should let the caterpillar go and maybe you can go to the pet store and get him a goldfish. He will probably enjoy that more, and you will be saving a goldfish from being purchased as Oscar food.
Please don't keep this caterpillar. It's a low chance that it'll survive and flourish into an adult in ''captivity''.

Here's more information on the Eastern Tent caterpillar:
put it into a jar with some fruit and leaves. it should live for a while. When i was little i kept a caterpillar in a jar and it eventually turned into a butterfly.
makesure you keep him in a 'natural' looking environment~ not to cold or hot..
good luck
Keep it in a glass jar (punch holes in lid) with leaves from the plant it was found on.

It can't hurt to keep a few caterpillars. My sister and I did the same thing with tiger caterpillars when we were kids.
Caterpillars eat constantly and sometimes very specific foods. You need to identify the food source. Note that some caterpillars are pests.
i think u need 2 buy a case that has little holes in them and put the food they eat like leaves and fruits then after a while they will grow and become a butterfly so i think u should let it free when it becomes a butterfly
The first thing you need to know, is where your son found that caterpillar. It should on a leaf. Go to that tree and pick of these leaves. Place them in a jar along with the caterpillar. Close the jar and don't forget to make holes on the jar's cover to allow the caterpillar to breathe. Replace or add leaves everyday.
oh how this brings back fond meories for me from way back in the early 80's
..i had a caterpillar..well 2 actually(bog standard caterpilars that you see in your garden) and mildred i kept thm in a big coffee jar and kept them in my front garden..till horror of all horrors david symes came and nicked them..i was quite upset but my brother saved the day and got my jar back and my caterpillars lived quite happily
Just so you know, the tent caterpillars are really destructive (maybe that is what you meant by, "I know about fruit trees and all that jazz"), and if your son does manage to keep it alive, it will probably end up contributing to a lot of damage to trees, as it reproduces as an adult. So, of course, you would know that they eat tree leaves. I have always been the one to keep anything my kids found, and might have even tried to keep one of these, but they are really destructive, even killing trees. Has your son ever found or kept any other caterpillars? I think I have heard of a website that offers eggs or some such thing for butterflies. . . if you can find that, maybe you could "import" eggs or a catterpillar that might be a better prospect, and hopefully, come with directions. I love to encourage kids to learn about and enjoy nature. Hope you find the information you need either way. Another insect that can sometimes be intriguing, is the pillbug (rolly-pollys), as they close up in little balls when frightened. They aren't as cute as catterpillars, but could be interesting. I think they eat decaying roots. Good luck in your search, for the one you have, or whatever else your son might find of interest.
Don't let him keep it! It won't live long, it's just going to die, probably by tomorrow. It defintely won't live past 2 days! It's pointless to capture a "creature" inside, depriving it of its nature! Let it go and grow into a beautiful butterfly!

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