Why has my rabbits hutch got a white spray on walls and outside cage?

was told rabbits are both male but one is always playing" leapfrog" so am doubting it now!
White spray over walls and outside and when in run seems to wee a lot!
Your rabbits need to be fixed very badly. What they are doing is a dominance behavior. They are spraying to mark their territory. The white on the walls is likely the calcium thats in the urine. You need to clean it with equal parts water and white vinegar. After they are fixed you should consider bringing them inside. They make great house pets with some preparation.
My rabbit did the exact same thing, i would agree with the first awnserer, good luck xx
oh dear. you can easily tell if one is not male. i agree with the last persons post. get them castrated. it is the calcium in the wee.
good luck
seems like a fungus
male and female spray , sexually frustrated
Rabbits mount each other to proclaim their dominance. Even after they are spayed/neutered they will do it (though not as much). Two males together have to be watched, as they often start fighting when they reach maturity. Males and females make the best bonded pairs - but have them fixed! There are too many unwanted rabbits!
The white spray on the walls is dried rabbit pee. Male rabbits will sometimes do this. A female can't spray pee on the walls like that.

First, you need to separate the two rabbits if they aren't already separated.

Second, if they are separated, I recommend keeping the two rabbits where they can't see each other. Sometimes when a male rabbit is spraying like that if you can keep it from seeing another rabbit it will stop spraying, although sometimes they keep spraying.

Normally, it is a trait that is genetically passed down. None of my rabbits do it. But I have brought in male rabbits from other breeders that end up doing that. They will pass that trait on down to their babies. So I never use a rabbit like that to breed with. Once you get that trait bred into a rabbit herd it is hard to get out.

Another bad problem regarding that is they will rub their body against the walls that they have peed on and in turn will get their fur stained. That is definitely not good if you are raising show rabbits.

Fixing the rabbit won't solve the problem. It's a genetic thing mainly, not a snip-snip solve problem.

I've been raising and showing rabbits professionally for 24 years. I know what I'm talking about compared to the rest.

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