Do horses lay on their sides?

i was riding in my car and i saw two hores in a stable and1 was laying on it's side wiggling it's legs. i didn't know if it was hurt or just playing!please answer me i love animals and i really wanna help!!
What you seen could of been very well normal as a horse owner, I say what you observed is.

Horses lay down to rest and sun bathe. Horses can sleep standing up and laying down. Horses are not able to stay laying down for no more than 30 or so mins due to the weight on their rib cages. etc.

If see a horse laying down. It is natural and don't be too alarmed. If you were standing on your legs for awhole day with out sitting or laying down, I imagine you two would want to.

If the horse was thrashing around and nipping at it's stomach with it's mouth, getting up and down constantly, then the horse would of been colicy in need of an emergancy vet asap. Since getting up and down and nipping at the stomach while doing so, is a sign of stomach discomfort. Rolling is a natural way for them to try to relieve pain. However, while colicy, they can twist their stomach and intestants, causing an impaction. By this time, surgery will be needed. Mostly during this case, the horse is put down. Low chance of survival at this point.

HOWEVER, back to what you were stating.

What you might of saw was the horse laying down and wiggling it's legs. The reason the horse was wiggling his/her legs is to move the flies off.

We don't just let flies stay on us do we? No. Horses don't want to either.

If the horse was rolling, it could of been rolling in the dirt. Which is a natural way of trying to get the dirt on them, which have natural resistant chemicals to help in the sun ray's and insects.

If the horse was sitting like a dog doing and forward/back motion, the horse is rubbing under neith the belly to scratch. Same with rubbing against a tree or so. Got an itch. Got to scratch.

I have 3 horses of my own and it's an every day thing.

If you come across a horse and not quite sure if that is normal, then observe the horse for abit. Is the horse eating?Drinking? walking? breathing? standing still? pacing back and forth?

Maybe contact the people to make sure cuz maybe they are not aware.
Sometimes, but they sleep while they're standing.
Some of them do. What's cute is when they roll onto their backs and kick their legs, then get up and shake the dust off, like a dog shaking water off.
alot of horses roll in the dirt. When they do this they wiggle there legs. I am sure the horse you saw was fine.
Not only do they lay on their sides, they will roll on their backs just like a dog.
They where just rolling. My horses do this all the time.

Just when you have given them a good brushing and they look so clean they will find a nice patch of dirt and roll in it.
No. Horse sleeps or rest standing only on three feet alernating the fourth one. It lays on one side if confirmed no one is around. It rests on three feet allowing the fourth one to rest at a time.
Horses often lay on their side. Horses can sleep standing up. They can lock their knees to accomplish this. However, to acheive the "REM" state of sleep, they must lay down. They require a lot less of this than humans (about 15 to 30 minutes a day for an adult horse, I think). Since you said the legs were wiiggling, the horse may have been laying down to scratch an itchy spot or covering itself in dirt or mud to repel insects.
Yes, usually they are mid-roll. Other times they just feel really secure with who its around and will lay down and sleep a little.
yes, horses do lay on their sides. horses don't spend alot of time on the ground, though. most of the time they stand on all four. the reason they stand on all four is for defense, back in the wild if the needed to run from danger, they didn't even have to stand they just woke up and ran away, or should i say gallop away?! :D anyway if your horse is spending alot of time lying down/rolling/biting its belly call your vet. :D
Yes, horses do lay on their side. The will roll when out in the pasture trying to scratch their back. They will also lay down in the pasture to sunbathe (if all is quiet around them and they feel comfortable in their surroundings). My horses will either lay down in their stalls to sleep or they may sleep standing.

If a horse is trying to colic, they will roll excessively trying to relieve themselves of the pain in their gut. The problem with this is that they roll so much, they get their intestines twisted up. This causes MAJOR problems, only corrected by surgery, and there is usually no one around to catch it or recognize it for what it is.

You really have to know that particular horse and his habits to be certain if he is relaxing or trying to colic.

To answer your question, they lay on their side for both reasons.
Horses love to lay down and roll to scratch themselves. All those bug bites and no fingers to scratch them with. Some get very animated in their rolling. No worries - it's normal.
Yes horses do lay on their sides and they also like to roll on their backs but this can be dangerous because the horse can what they call "bloat" twisting of the gut/stomach which can be fatal.
It's probablly just was rolling around trying to get cool and keep the flies off.
You just saw it at a bad time. Of course sometimes they do roll around because they are sick but it doesn't sound like the horse you saw was sick , So don't worry!
yes they horses lay on their sides and stretch out in the sun in the winter and many times they will just lay there and rest they will also role around and thrash feels good to them to do this in the dirt or sand
some do and some sleep that way, Sea Biscuit was famous for sleeping laying down
sounds like he was rolling! When they roll they lie on their sides and flip right over on their back with their legs in the air!! Its great fun to watch - and great fun for the horse - they do this when they have an itch they cant reach, when they want to coat themselves with mud to maintain heat in their bodies - or when the urge takes them!
I'd say he was rolling, when my horse does it she groans like an old man trying to get out of a chair- it's really funny.

If you are worried, just go back to the horse and make sure that it can get up. If not- it's not doing so good. If it can, no worries.

It's great you want to look after the equine population.
All the best :)
Well they lay down and kick or maybe even neigh (in bad cases) when they are having colic. Colic is like a very bad stomach ache for horses. Also when they get older they tend to lie down at night when they sleep. But i have a horse that is about 20 years old and he still stand. so one it depends on the horse and 2 if its colic, the horse will be on its side, eyes wide enough to see the whites, and maybe even sqealing/neighing.Also when the horse is standing up and having colic, the horse will be 1.looking at their stomachs. 2. Trying to nip at their stomaches. 3. Trying to kick with their hind legs. if any of these signs occure call a vet immediately. While you are waiting for the vet, get the horse to stand up, and when you get the horse up (or if its already up) walk them around til the vet gets there if you let them roll they could twist and intestine. So make sure you do this if it ever happens.
Some Horses do sleep on there side if they do then at night but you said it was wiggling the legs..
if its breathing harder sweating and looks like its in pain it might have a colic you might wanna tell someone there or the horse owner because it can be very serious some horses die if they don`t get help from a vet.
If that was how it was acting the horses were in alot of pain and couldn't get up. Sorry. If you can go back and check on them and if they are still down bring a vet. They don't last long once they go down.
horses very often sun on their sides. alot of mine did that. they sometimes wiggle their legs before they get up. horses usu. sleep standing up, so they can make a quick escape. Don't worry. alot of horses sunbathe and they do look dead. if the horses are always laying down like that, i would look into it. if they are extremely skinny i would do the same. people often think horses are dead but they aren't. horses usu. circle around horses that are injured, sick, or dead.

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