How Long Do I Leave My House After Flea Bombing It?

I just found out my cat is contaminating the house with fleas. i got my cat flea dipped now i am flea bombing the house but how long do i need to stay out of the house?
I would stay out of the house for at least 4 hours time and when entering after vacuuming clean and clean everything. A good home cleaner is **** and span with pine sol and hot water and sponge. Open all windows,put a cap on the head and long sleeve shirt just in case. Spray the cat down again and get a flea collar again . The cat may be getting fleas from another cat and bringing them home. monitor its awareness when going somewhere.
at least 1 full day, say while you are at work or something(8 or 9 hours)
Atleast 4 hours
About 2 years.

Just kidding. It says on the bottle. I think it's about 4-6 hours.
It would say 12 hours.
But just to be on the safe side I would recommend staying out of your house for atleast24 hours.
3-4 hrs. Go have a beer or two by then It will be safe,k.
it's a few hours, but you need to be sure to follow up with it in the next few weeks and if you have close neighbors ask them to bomb as well or else the fleas will just be going back and fourth between homes.
I believe the average is 2 hours. It tells you on the flea bomb.
Five hours.

By the way, it is very poisonous to flea dip cats. You meant he had a flea bath. Do not apply flea advantix or frontline in the next 48 hours or you'll poison your cat.
I believe it is 48 to 72 hours! Be careful I hope you did not leave any thing in there that picked it up like a !UMMM they should let you know but if I was you I would wait even longer!
At least 2 hours maybe more depending on your health, do you have allergies? If your breathing is labored at all, leave for longer.
I agree with nanna. go grab a couple of beers ,kick back for 3-4 hours and its all good. Thats what i did..

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