Can you put a ballpython with 2 corn snakes i have a big cage?

It is not recommended to place snakes of different species in the same tank as it will stress out your corns snakes because they are smaller then your ball pythons are. Even putting snakes of similiar sive and species is not reccomended because of the same fact.

Stressed snakes will refuse to eat, or if they do eat they will regurge their food causing dehydration and malnutrition. Some snakes that get too weak from stress never revocer and eventually die. I have seen this working at pet store and seeing snakes that have been refusing to eat because of their cage mate and they were brought to me so I can assit or force feed them until they got strong enough to eat on their own again. Once they were given their own tank they were fine and healthy again!

So I don't recommended it and i would do my best to recommended that you buy a seperate tank if you want to house your corns togeather and keep them healthy.
Suuuuuuure! hehehehehe
I would say you can. Ball pythons are extremely docile snakes. If your cage is big enough, and they have enough room to move around, try putting the snakes in together and watch what happens, after a while if they don't harm one another you should be OK and be able to leave them together.
I'm not a big fan of putting 2 snakes of the same species with 1 snake of a different species into 1 enclosure...


Both grow to be about 6 feet big (females tend to lean towards 4 feet... and the male ball python can grow a bit past 6 feet. I've seen 8)

both species tend to be excellent starter snakes because they are generally docile. (I'm a big fan of the ball python myself.)

Both need 80 to 85 degree temps, and if the enclosure truely is large enough... it should be ok.

I'd speak to a reptile expert first about what type of enclosure you have and make SURE its adequate, and what you should do prior to introducing them to make sure there is no chance of introducing any parasites from snake to snake.

Best of luck! You chose some awesome snakes.

If you have a petsmart near you, take a look at one of their reptile books or talk to one of their pet care managers. (They are more experienced than the usual teenagers working at smaller chained pet stores.)

give your vet a call and just ask "hey is this alright."

they'll let you know.

good luck! ^_^
no. the ball python is probably bigger, or will be soon, and could eat your little cornsnakes. ya know, better safe than sorry.
I really would NOT do this. I know you're not even really supposed to put cornsnakes together.

Snakes don't really have the kind of brain that lets them enjoy the company of other snakes.

If I were you I'd rather be safe than sorry. If you put them together and you're wrong, you're gonna lose at least one snake. Ya know!

Good luck!
no the python will eat the corn snakes my friend tried it BAD IDEA
i have heard other people have a boa with a milk and they didnt have any problems as long as they are properly fed you should not have a problem
Hello and NO...other then when breeding & sometimes babies ( but ONLY temporarily ) snakes & most lizards cannot be housed together in one space, even the babies do not have parental care when born, they are on their own after birth... unless ma or pa decides to eat them if left in the same cage...even if the same species ! Take Care :)
Since neither species are noted to be cannibalistic, on the surface it seems that you could do this. However, since the ball python has much stricter housing requirements (higher heat/humidity) since they are basically a desert snake, the extra heat these snakes would require would be detrimental to the corn snake . The corn snake can't properly digest it's food under the temps. the ball python requires and will usually regurgitate it's meal & then often refuse to eat after several episodes. Don't do it.
To the third person who answered what are you talking about. 8ft bp's dont exist. The largest one was a 6ft3in female.Also how can you tell somebody to ask at petsmart. They usually dont have a clue. A female bp can be 10-11pound a female corn maybe 2 at the most three. Bp's are heavyset and cornys are sleek. Given the chance the bp will eat the corn. Also putting them together will cause them to be stressed out. They dont even com from the same continent.
Do not mix them. Please join a reptileboard such as
no they live in different climates with different humidity's

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