My turtle had something big come out his butt and then he sucked it back in.?

I just wanna make sure that my turtle is ok, but today when i was looking at him i notice something coming out of his butt, but before it all came out he sucked it back in. I know what was coming out(it was poo) i just wanna know if he is ok because it was bigger then normal.
It is the appearance of a male turtle's penis. It comes out of the cloaca and is quite large and dark. The reproductive organ should go back in by itself. There would be a problem if it does not retract (penile prolapse) or if it injured by a scratch or another turtle. In those cases, immediately separate him and contact a veterinarian for guidance. Soaking a turtle in clean, warm water might help the situation.

i didnt want to type it all sry >< hope it helps
no it just a big ****
if it was white could be a egg
Heh, actually, that wasn't feces that you saw most likely if it was sucked back in and looked larger than your tutrtle's regular defecation. The most likely case is that you just witnessed your turtle's reproductive organ. (Usually dark and comes out from behind)
In any case, your turtle is not having trouble going to the bathroom. Just make sure he continues to have healthy waste though.
i think thats normal it happens all the time with my turtle but im not sure if he sucks it back in any ways i have to take it out with a fishing net

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