Black spider with red butt...what kind is this??

My co-worker just found a black spider with a red butt in her husbands truck. She killed it, but we're trying to figure out what it is. Does anyone have an idea?? It looks fuzzy too.
oh well it could be a black widow spider, they are extremely poisonous and their single bite can kill 10 men! or it could be a velvet ant mimic spider. i don't really know if its poisonous or not...sorry!
hope you find more infomation...i've given you all the info i can!
bye! xx
Sounds like a Black Widow!
if just the legs are fuzzy and it butt is shiny black with a red hourglass shape its probably a black widow. but there are alot of red and black spiders
Sounds like a BLACK WIDOW.Very dangerous.Be careful,spiders are out now.I have alot around my house.It is terrible!
Depends if it's a black widow your lucky that someone killed it. They are extremely dangerous and should not be fooled around with. However there are other breeds of spiders with red and black bodies. One of the distinguishing features of the black widow is that the red part of the body is in the shape of an hour glass.
It's called a Black Widow, don't pet it!!!
its a cheranchilla
It is actually the BLACK WIDOW, but be careful, because it is one of the most dangerous spider in the world.

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