How long should I wait to hold my ball python after I feed it?

It depends on the size of the meal, the temperature of its environment, and how long you wish to hold it.

Digestion takes a lot of energy for a snake and they can regurge their meal a day after eating. It's generally safe to handle them two days after eating, but if it was a large meal or if the cage is cool then you might want to wait an extra day.
Until you've washed the smell of rats off your hands.
At least 2 days. It needs time to digest.
about a day or two so it can digest it (if you hold it too early it can regurgitate it and its really nasty)
If you feed YOURSELF to it, you can be together forever.
I wait 24-48 hours. If she's still in her hide after 24 hours I usually wait another day and make it 48. I figure if she is in there, she doesn't want to be disturbed.

After 48 hours I'll go into her hide and get her. She needs some exercise/stimulation.
well i have a red tail boa and when we feed her, we always wait 2-3 days for her to digest it but shes over 8 feet long and is as wide as a 1 liter of soda
you want to wait at least 5-6 hrs to hold him. you want to be able to give him plenty of time to digest his food before you hold him. if you try to hold him after you feed him, he will regurgitate his food and it will smell gross and look gross.
dont listen to this lady ^ 6 hours is no where near enough time to digest.
At the very least 24 hours before holding him. You really don't want to make him regurge his food. That wouldn't be a good day for your snake.
depends. i usually wait at least 36 hours before handling any of my snakes but if something happens that i may have to pick one of them up then it doesnt create any problems if you do it gently. mind you this is not saying that you can hold it and walk around with it as long as you hold it gently. im saying that you can pick if up to do a tank cleaning but you have to set it down somewhere. usually on the floor or your bed.
Wait at least 24 hours before holding your snake. It takes about that long for him to digest their food. If a snake throws up, i was told it could be deadly.

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