What state has no poisonous snakes?

Neither Alaska nor Hawaii have any native venomous snakes- actually, neither has ANY native land-dwelling snakes (Hawaii has some sea snakes around- but they are pretty rare, and some of them are venomous.)

Hawaii, however, is a prime spot for snakes, so some species have settled there after being imported one way or another. A small worm-like blind snake, the Brown Tree snake, and boas show up in numbers enough to suggest active breeding.

Brown tree snakes are mildly venomous, but not enough to be a threat to humans. The bigger threat is that they eat birds- lots of birds, and have eliminated huge numbers on the islands they have been introduced to.

Being a tropical paradise, any snake some bozo lets go there will probably live quite nicely, so every so often they find something like a viper running around- but you find that in most cities every blue moon.

Maine is ALMOST venomous snake-free. The Timber rattler can be found, sometimes, in the southern tip of the state. These may be transitorty or relic populations, and almost don't count.

Many states have such low numbers of venomous snakes that bites are almost unheard of- in fact, many states don't even bother stocking anti-venin anywhere since they just never need it and it is too valuable to let go bad.

If you are asking this for trivia, I'd go with Hawaii, Alaska, and Maine.

if you need ONE state free from ANY venomous snakes, I'd go with Alaska.

If you are looking for a place you can be safe from snake bite, just stay out of the states with mild winters and are along the coast or mostly desert- especially Florida, Texas, and Southern California.
Hawaii. It has no snakes at all.
Hawaii. They don't have snakes at all.
Hawaii, New York has Rattlesankes and Romania is not a state.
Pick one of the conservative red states.
NY has poisonous snakes! not only that, but the kind that walk on two feet and stab you in the back snake!
there is no state without a posin snake or two but if you want to make sure of it go to ask.com
None have poisonous snakes - however I believe Hawaii is the only one without venomous snakes.
none they have them every where
Alaska and Hawaii
romania is a state, but not an american state and it does have snakes.
Poisonous snakes are native to every state except Alaska, Maine, and Hawaii.
One other state to add to the list, though few people seem to be aware of it, is Delaware. While it does have 1 species of poisonous snake, the copperhead, it is so severely localized in its population in two extremely separated, incredibly remote sections of the state that the possibility of encountering one is -- well, incredibly remote ;~).
no states have poisionous snakes, but many have venomous ones.
All 50 states. There are no POISONOUS snakes. Snakes are either venomous or nonvenomous.

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