Are Mississippi Map turtles good pets?

I already have a Paint turtle, and I love him. I thought he needed a friend, so I bought a baby Razor Back Musk. Then I found out they can smell bad and have very long necks, and could easily take a finger off. Is a Mississippi Map turltle a good choice, as far as making friends with other turtles and people? I want 2 different kinds of turtles as pets. I will really enjoy them. I don't want to give the Razor back up, but either do I want to lose a finger or two. Please help. I have a choice of a Red Ear Slider, Yellow Belly Cooter, Golf Coast Soft Shell, Fla.Soft Shell, Razor Back Musk, or a Southern Paint. Which would be my best bet? It will have to have the same enviroment as my Paint turtle. Thanks for your input.
1. Razorback musks are NOT going to take a finger off. This is a good community tank turtle that is unlikely to bite. (

2. DO NOT do a community tank unless it is way big, and you can meet all care needs easily. FYI- turtles don't really need tank mates- they are only semi-social in the wild.

3. As for the others:
- Red ear and Yellow-belly- OK community pond pets
- Softshells- THESE guys bite and bite hard! Not good in communal tanks, and need a rather specialized habitat. (
- Southern painted- good choice but use a BIG cage

Bottom line- avoid the softshells, rest are OK.
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the Miss Map is a beautiful turtle, it would be a good choice

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