Is there any lizards that eat freeze dried food?

my mom will only let me get a lizard if it only eats canned food like pellets or something like that and i can only get it from petsmart or petco i would like if it was a larger lizard and what do they normally need to takecare of
all lizards WILL eat dead food, no matter what. it just kinda depends on how hungry they get.

while you CAN raise a lizard compleatly on dead stuff, it's best to start this at an early age. then, they you know. don't know any better. it's still a good idea to get them live food once in a while, just cause there's better nutrition in it. this can be done in feeder fish or pinky mice, if your mom's terrified of bugs. of course, keep in mind that mice will scream. and that's freakin creepy.

most big pet stores have these cans of lizard pebbles. i've seen it for beardies, and leo's. if you're gonna go that way, you probably want to purchace a vibrating food dish, which they also sell, for about 60 bucks. which is kinda steep, but who knows. if you're handy with tools, maybe you can rig something up with a pair of chattering walking teeth??

if your mom just doesn't want to keep bugs in the house, most major cities have bug delivery services that will drive out to you and drop off a dozen or two bugs a week, for a minimal feed. there's on in toronto, called cricko, that does it for 2.79 a delivery, and you can get as little as a dozen bugs, at 10 cents each.

if you want to go the vegitarian lixard route, that's also an option, though vegitarian lizards tend to be the big ones, like iguanas. and then you gotta deal with a 6 foot lizard running after your dog.

if you do raise it on mostly packaged foods, make sure you calcium and vitamen them a LOT. nutrients are lost in death. no matter what, it's still a good idea to keep a can of dead bugs around, just in case of emergencies. we've run out of crickets a few times, on weekends, or holidays, and were unable to get a petstore to open, and it's easier to crack a can, then it is to dig up backyard ants.
Well most only go after live food. Does she mind if they are dead crickets? YOu can buy freeze dried crickets and pre-dead worms in a can and stuff. No lizard in particular will eat the dead stuff but it kind of depends on the personality. My lizards wont eat the pre-dead food but my freinds' lizards do. you might have to dangle a dead cricket over its mouth. Leopard Geckos will sometimes eat dead food, they are the best beginner reptile and are nocturnal. They get about 10 inches. Then there are Bearded Dragons who get pretty big. Need a 75 gallon tank or a long 55 gallon They aren't to good with dead food but sometimes they are and a plus is that they also eat veggies. Although they do need both. If you get him as a baby maybe you can teach him to like the dead crickets and everything would be fine. Both types are good for beginners and Beardies are bigger. They both TOLERATE being handled although no lizard likes it. So take a look at the care sheets and let me know if you have any questions
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They like to chase down their food. Live prey
they dont really eat pellets...mostly live food
An iguana eats fruits veggies and iguana food. Iguanas need LOTS of sunlight,this means getting outside often. I beleive they need vitamin D which is in sunlight.

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