How can I tell if my turtle is dead or hibernating?

She's not moving, her eyes are slightly closed, her head legs and arms are sticking out. When you touch her she doesn't move at all.
A hibernating turtle will be hiding inside a den or burrow. Hibernating turtles will resist having a leg tugged and will pull it back.

I suspect your turtle is not hibernating.
I would think she is hibernating just because this is the time of year that turtles would do so.
Wait to see if it moves
put ur hand on her leg and if u dont feel anything for a LONG while then ummm im sry to say she might be dead.i feel bad 4 u
If you poke its face and it wakes up, then it's okay, and if not, try everything to see if it wakes up. Hibernating or not, it'll wake up if it's alive.
Wait a couple days, then smell her. If she smells like decay, I'm sorry. If not, then she's just asleep. But then again, turtles only hibernate for winter, right?
Ok its alright your turtle could be sick or if its a she,it may be having birth pains but you may need to check out your local pet shop and find out if your turtle is sick or not but if shes a she and has been in contact with more turtles she may be pregnat.
shake him and if he deosnt move his head then hes more than likely dead or to cold
mine sleeps with all four legs sticking out and pointing upwards a little. when he is hibernating he tucks into his shell and crawls inside a blanket to stay warm.
If her head and legs are sticking out,then she's probably dead.Wait a few days,and if she's dead,you will know it because she will start to smell bad.

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