Can lizards and snakes live together?

I have a ruffback green snake,( very small maybe about a foot long.) I also have a baby chameleon, can they share the same tank until the chameleon gets big enough to put in my large cage ?
It all Depend on Size . i keep adult senegal and four horned chameleons with a ribbon snake and they do fine.i suggest not doing it until the chameleon gets older. also, do they live in the same environment?
I'm thinking not.Go to will have an answer.
i don't think so coz they are both different species dont u think they start a fight or try to eat each other ??
I wouldn't put a snake with a lizard in the same cage because the snake will probably end up eating the lizard.
Well I don't reccomand you to do that, because the lizards are one of the most favourite food of the snakes!
Good luck :)

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