Is there antibiotic for turtle?

Hi! My friend has a turtle and its neck got infected for couple of weeks already. His flesh got eaten through by bacterias and the infection is getting bigger and bigger. Does Anyone know a way to cure it? or know the name of any antibiotic medication for turle. Thank You! In addition, any recommendation would be appreciated. ^_^
Colloidal silver, it is available at any health food store and is a 100% safe all purpose antibiotic that can be used on any human, animal, bird, reptile, plant, or multi-celled organism. It cured my cat of a deep open wound infection, kept me healthy and cold free for over the past three years I have been taking it, and helps wounds heal fast free of infection. You can even put it in water to make it safe to drink. It is a must have item for every household!
The turtle needs to be seen by an experienced reptile vet. Antibiotics are prescription medications, and there are different ones used depending on what type of infection it is. He may have to be on them for several weeks, and it's important he is kept warm and extremely clean, especially the water. How did his neck get infected?
Why? Are you infected with turtles?
The only way you're going to be able to get a good antibiotic is by taking the turtle to the vet and having him prescribe the exact type that is needed for the specific infection. It could mean using a cream, giving him an injection everyday for a week or more, or both or even other various options depending on what exactly is wrong. If the infection is spreading it should really get to a vet soon. Reptiles are really bad at fighting off things like that and easily get septic. Make sure he is kept VERY clean and so is his tank.
There are many antibiotics to choose from, depending on the bacteria.
Really, a vet is your best option here.
only the vet.ASAP.

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