I need answers fast! will a possum eat a dead kitten?!?!?!?!?

my bf and i had a kitten and we were going to barry her but i caught a possum snooping around watching us and it made me worry he might dig her up and eat her kus i always thought that they would do anything for food. but he said he didnt think they ate raw meat at all but now he's questioning it. i need answers fast kus we're doin it right now and he's out side waiting
possums are scavangers so it could happen. dig the hole a little deeper, put the kitten in a box, and put something heavy over the grave. this should discourage your univited guest. if he continues to hang around you might want to invest in a live trap so that you can relocate him.
The opossum shouldnt bother with the dead kitten. You may have something else come around and dig her up. Put her in a container of some sort and make sure she is in deep enough. You may want to put a big rock or a few smaller rocks on top for a short while to deter digging.
No he won't eat it. They eat fruit, vegetables, flowers and tender young shoots from gardens, and occasionally cat or dog food. They are scavengers to a point for example they might raid garbage cans, but they won't dig up dead things and eat them.
remember this:

6ft under. the possum wont get him then if hes that deep. and even if he does, you wont know because he'll do it when youre asleep, otherwise shoot him.
Yes. an Opossum will eat a dead kitten.
Possums are omnivorous scavengers...they will eat anything and everything not nailed down.
Dead meat to them is like McDonald's to humans.

I have been a wildlife rescue volunteer and worked as mgr at a wildlife museum and studied to be a wildlife biologist.
I live in a place that has opossums all over and seen oppossums eat roadkill (raccoons eat other dead animals too).
as far as i know he will not aet the kitten
hell yeah they will, one of the sickest things i ever witnessed was a dead cat gettin eatin by a possum so what ever u do dont do it cause they can smell 4 feet down
they eat insects eggs meat veggies tooo -- so yes it mayeatthe kitten - you could cover the area with rocks but u'd need alot of rocks& heavy ones

go to http://www.nana.asn.au/n2-possum.htm... for more info
I don't think Possums eat RAW CAT MEAT.

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