Can Hamsters Live Together?

Can Any Sort Of Hamster Live With Another Sort Or Do They Have To Live With A Hamster Of Their Own Kind?
Syrian hamsters will not live with others, they are very solitary so if were to buy 2 or add another one to what you have already then it wouldn't be a good idea. Dwarf hamsters are much more sociable than the more common Syrian hamster. They will live in pairs or small colonies and will be friendly towards humans. The female is dominant and females will sometimes fight. Otherwise peaceable females can become highly territorial while pregnant, which may include attacking her mate and/or you. There are different types of dwarf hamsters Chinese, Russian and Roborovskiis. Dwarf hamsters will only live together if they are of the same breed e.g Chinese + Chinese or Russian+Russian etc.
i dont think it really matters.unless its a rat??
yes they can
hamsters can live with thier own kind. On the planet Hamstron, all the hamsters work together in peace and harmony.
they can all live to together in harmony.
Different kinds of hamsters have slightly different social requirements. Robo dwarf hamsters can live peacefully in a community of their own kind, while most other hamsters wont. Infact, if you place different kinds of hamsters together, they will fight to the death. It's not worth the risk.
they should be ok, prob better with having eachothers company
why not mine did...
they can live together even if its a different kind. (i used to have 2 hamsters that were different kind).
Yes, they can have tea-parties. Momma hamster can make the breakfast and daddy hamster can read stories to the little hamster babies while they go to sleep. The hamster family has to cooperate to pay all the bills on time and the car payments. The days of hamster families are tough.
Hamsters can not live together at all they kill each other.
No Hamsters have to live on their own, they do not get along with their own kind!
i asked in pet smart the other day if 2 hamsters can live together. and the woman said no, only when they were babies was it possible otherwise they would just fight.
Hamsters are basically SOLITARY animals, and prefer living 'totally alone' ... if you want them to 'live together' you would have 'better luck' with two females (who would fight less unless there was a male within 'nose distance' of them) than two males. It's 'best' if you have one male and one female, but they WILL have babies, and you'll have to put your male hamster in an 'isolated' cage when the female is 'showing' and keep him AWAY from the female and her babies until the babies are 'big enough' to be taken from their mother. A hamster is a hamster is a hamster ... there may be 'extra large' ones and 'tiny ones' but they are all the 'same animal' ... but if you do the 'male/female' pair, please MAKE SURE that the FEMALE is the 'larger' of the pair. Otherwise, when she gets pregnant, she could have 'more problems' because of the 'larger size' of the babies being 'too much' for her 'smaller' body.
it depends because some hamsters get along with other hamsters and some don't you will just have to try it and see if they fight.
wow I have never read so many terrible

I would say no. You will have a dominancy issue as with all animals and the bolder will pick on the meek. Plus breeding will always happen and you will possibly have deformed babies. I heard that some where...

check out for more hamster related information.

Good luck
Yes, but I would never have hamsters again. My older two boys had them once and wow no matter how much you clean them and bathe them they just stink. I was also surprised how they actually would lay and sleep in their own urine in those tubes you have on the cages.
It depends on what kind you have! Syrain hamsters have to live alone but Dwarf hamsters can live together!
If they couldn't live together, they would be extinct now, wouldn't they.
I might be mistaken, but aren't there only one type of hamster, or do you mean different breeds of color? Surely not a rat.that wouldn't be a hamster at all. Anyway..
Yes, they can. But if they're both of the same sex, they may fight, if they do, you'll see this as soon as you put them together. If not, they'll be okay.
If it's a male and a female though, you'll end up with allot of babies.
yes, roborovskies especially like socialising, siberians too but make sure they're matured, and if your going to get lots of them i'd suggest you get a bigger cage so that they wont get frustrated about they'r space about them having to cant move allot, buy syrians prefer to live by themselves.
Syrian hamsters (the usual chubby ones we see in pet shops) must live alone or else they will fight, unless you want two to mate and even then you must separate them afterwards. They can actually fight each other to the death. I know that you will see them together in pet shops, but that's because they are very young they will fight as they become older, even if they're from the same litter.

Russian hamsters can live happily together, so too can Chinese hamsters. Obviously do not mix the different types of breed up in the same cage.

If you want to handle a hamster then get a Syrian one and handle it a lot very early in its life. The Russian and Chinese hamsters do not like to be handled - they will nip.
Hamsters can live together as long as they were brought up together, it doesn't matter what kind they are, as long as they were brought up together they should be fine!
Dwarf hamnsters can live together but they do fight sometimes! Syrian hamsters ( teddy bear hamsters) will fight to the death if put with another hamster! You can't put a syrian hamster and a dwarf hamster together or they will kill each other!
Wow, nobody knows what they are talking about, do they?

Yes, DWARF hamsters can live together quite comfortably in same-sex pairs or groups.

But syrian hamsters CANNOT live together, they will kill each other once they reach adulthood and become territorial. It doesn't matter if it is 2 females, 2 males, or 1 female and 1 male, they will fight, and will fight to the death!

And yes, there are species of hamsters, but they aren't breeds:

Campbell's Russian Dwarf
Robo (dwarf)
Chinese (dwarf)
Yes they can live together becuase their both hamsters ..I used to have 2 hamsters and they lived together and eventually had 20 babies..of course i sold only 15 but yea they can definitley live together but make sure you have enough space for them, if you need more help IM or E-mail me because I know alot about animal <33
if there the same gender yes but if there opposite no because they will mate and have mixed babies if one is a boy and the other girl they will mate . and they way to tell if it is a girl is to look at the but of it then see if the one place where it uses the bathroom it should be pointing out
There are many different breeds of hamsters and all have different personalities.
As a rule, Dwarf (russian or Chinese) hamsters are very sociable creatures and do well in groups or pairs. They are very interesting to watch, but very fast and can sometimes be hostile if not trained or handled sufficiently.
Syrian (golden, teddy bear) hamsters are much more solitary creatures, they are perfectly happy on their own as long as you give them plenty of cuddles and excercise.
Its not a good idea to place two male Syrians together as they are very likely to fight, and placing a mixed sex pair together would probably produce some be careful!
Hope that helps xx
they can only live together if their male and female dwarf hamsters
Most kinds can but some like the golden hamster can't.
If there is just one he will love being the center of attention.
If you mean putting a Teddy Bear Hamster w/ a Normal sized one, this is not reccomended. The bigger one will become a big bully and attack the other one. If you want 2, get them at the same time and make sure they are the same species, sex (unless you want to breed or have baby Hamsters), and size. Good Luck!

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